New Arrivals Children Clothes by Armani, Young Versace, Simonetta & more

girls designers clothing

This wonderful Chloe pink dress is the perfect outfit during this summer. The color is refreshing and creates a cute look of a girl. The cloth is decorated with a nice broderie anglaise lace on the top. Natural fabric 95% soft cotton will provide a young lady with comfort during hot days. Poppers at the back of the dress are advantage for easy putting on.

This summer season is characterized by a lovely pink color. Make your baby girl look fantastic with a stunning baby bib by Fendi. The set consists of two pieces of white color, fine embroidered with pink patterns of the logo of the brand. Each girl will adore such a stylish baby bib. It can be easily washed in a washing machine.

Nothing can create both casual and fancy look, as a bright T-shirt with short sleeves. Get this one by Moschino Baby of soft pink color. The color of the top is embroidered with a stone necklace of white color. It makes the cloth look more stylish and unique. Try it with a pair of denim jeans or lovely shorts in summer time.

It is important to protect your baby girl from bright sun rays in summer. This sun hat of white color with bright pink roses at the sides will convert your girl into a real princess. Brims around the hat are so cute. A cotton strap ties under the chin – it makes it very comfortable for wearing. The summer hat will go perfectly with a nice dress or a colorful skirt.

Not only young girls, but young mothers have to look stylish too. Armani Baby represents this changing bag of light pink color with a comfortable adjustable strap that can be hung over the shoulder. It has five inside pockets that allow putting all necessary baby stuff. It comes with a soft padded changing mat, which is easily rolled and can be put in a secure pocket.

Baby girl pre-walkers by Absorba are a must-have of this season. These ones come in white color with a lively floral patterned strap at the front. They are very comfortable and the girl will feel pleasant while walking. They are made from 100% thick cotton. These shoes look nicely both with a summer dress or a pair of bright shorts.

Your baby girl will feel herself very comfortable in a stylish babygrow by Paul Smith Junior. A white color is refreshing, especially during summer time. it has elbow length sleeves and the cloth is beautifully embroidered with a fine picture of a ladybird with two colorful hearted-balloons. Poppers between legs make the putting on easier. What a lovely look will have your baby this summer!

Cakewalk is famous of its unique designs and cool patterns on clothing. This original T-shirt is not an exception. It comes in fine pink color with a giraffe print all over it. Short sleeves are perfect during hot summer days. The top can be worn with a pair of denim trousers or shorts.

Miss Blumarine continues to please young girls with amazing cotton dresses for summer. This item has a satin frill hem, which makes the whole cloth look even more attractive. Besides, the dress is embroidered with a smart collar and puffed cuffs. It will make it both casual and festive at one time.

baby boys wear

The last collection of Armani Baby impresses by a variety of 100% soft cotton shirts. A stylish top like this one perfectly suits to jeans or other dark colored trousers. Natural fabric will create a cooling feeling in hot days. It is finely embroidered with the eagle logo of the brand along item – which makes the shirt look luxurious.

Fendi is the brand, which always knows how to satisfy both parents and baby boys. This cute short sleeved T-shirts with a cool yellow striped pattern will be adored by young boys. The logo of the famous brand is placed on its front and makes the item look stylish. A pair of jeans will for sure complete the whole look of a boy.

Animals are adored by children, aren’t they? Little Marc Jacobs know anything about it. For this reason the line offers this babygrow with a monkey print. The cloth is of light blue color, which perfectly suits for baby boys. The crazy monkey attracts small kids with its funny appearance. With a babygrow like that your boy will have the most remarkable look.

A nice white colored T-shirt is the perfect choice for your baby boy for this summer season. This top will create both festive look and a casual one, if wearing it with a pair of denim shorts. A T-shirt by Burberry will serve as a nice additional cloth in a wardrobe of each kid. A traditional policeman image is placed on the front of it.

Changing bags should look as stylish, as your baby boy. Look at this amazing bag by Armani Baby, which has create a unique design for your kid. The blue color with white spots looks very impressive. The most important is the super comfortable changing mat, which comes along with the bag. A shoulder strap is a big advantage, as it can be adjusted at different length.

Summers are not always hot and sunny; weather can be also changeable. This comfortable hooded zip-up top will be a good outwear, when it is cool outside. Young Versace offers a white colored top with its logo at one side. The cloth can be worn on any T-shirt and easily fastened with a zip-zap.

Look at this amazing babygrow by Armani Baby! Your baby boy will have the most fashionable look with this lovely blue colored cloth. A cute duck logo is at the front of it. The piece is embroidered with dark colored stripes at both sides and a smart collar. Let your kid catch the attention of others with this stylish babygrow.

My First Levis takes care about the appearance of your baby boy during every season, but this time it offers a nice set of denim dungarees with a cool striped T-shirt, which comes in bright color with short sleeves. The dungarees have colorful brand’s incuts and a big pocket at its front.

Trainers by Roberto Cavalli will complete the whole look of your baby boy this summer season. A stylish leopard print of blue color will suit to any outfit of a child. A white lacing decorates the shoes. A silver logo of the line is placed at the back of the pre-walkers.

Girls designers wear

Billieblush offers this lovely bolero cardigan for your girl. Though summer is coming, it is still necessary to keep warm during cool evenings. The piece has golden sequins at the front of it that make the bolero look very festive. A special button at the top of the cloth serves as a fastening. The cardigan can be worn on a T-shirt or a summer dress.

Floral theme is the main one during this summer season. Love Made Love represents its white T-shirts with short sleeves, which has a big flower at the front of it. It is of pink color with bright diamante gems that look fantastic. Elastane fabric makes the item stretchy.

Your girl will for sure fall in love with this unique tulle skirts by Billieblush. The peach color is combined with silver stars and it looks very attractive. A special elastic waist will make a good fitting of the skirt. It will look bright with a fine short sleeved T-shirt and a pair of lovely shoes.

Girls are sure that sunglasses must both protect the eye from bright sun rays and be very stylish. Like these ones by Zoobug. The frame is of golden color, which shines in warm and sunny days. An oval shape of the frame suits many girls. Polarised UV400 lenses are good for the eye of a kid.

Planning to spend summer holidays at the seaside? Provide your girl with a lovely swimming suit by Little Marc Jacobs. The piece is of bright pink color with a cool print of a parrot at the side. A cure bow embroiders the left shoulder. Back straps can be adjusted according the height of the girl.

SuperTrash Girls offers stylish sandals with a cork sole, which is considered to be trendy this summer. A light pink upper is made from patent leather with textile incuts. A comfortable adjustable strap is placed at the back of the shoes. They will look very nice with a lovely summer dress.

Try this white T-shirt as the main outfit during this summer. A lovely top by Simonetta is beautifully embroidered with colorful spots at the front. An attractive flower on the shoulder adds some more chic to the whole item. Try it with a pair of nice trousers of any color and be sure that your appearance is very remarkable.

An animal print is the must-have of the coming summer season. Fendi has a collection of nice animal clothes of girls. This bird dress with a light blue smart collar is already the favorite one among young girls. The combination of dark blue, yellow and pink colors is a winning one. A classic shift design is in trend now and allows free movement. 100% cotton dress is a perfect choice for summer.

Let Kenzo create a casual look of your girl. This white T-shirt will look good with a pair of dark blue jeans or a lovely colorful skirt. A fish, as a logo of the line, is the only detail in the item. A natural 100% soft cotton fabric – is what you are looking for in summer time.

Boys wear

A blue colored bomber jacket by Young Versace is made especially to provide your boy with warmth during cool weather in summer. Satin polyester creates a smooth feeling. A silver zip-zap with a Medusa head looks very stylish. Besides, the logo of Versace has a place too. The jacket can be put on any short or long sleeved shirt.

A nice T-shirt of gray color with black spots is for sure going to be a hit. Little Marc Jacobs added a cool hood to the piece to make it more stylish. A funny seagull in a diver costume attracts the view of many young boys. The perfect combination will be with pair cool shorts.

Dolce & Gabbana as usual impresses. Just notice this T-shirt of blue color, which will suit to any bottoms. It has short sleeves – it is perfect when the weather is really hot. A cool print of a bicycle can be seen at one side of the item. Orange and red colors of it add brightness to the shirt.

White T-shirt is a choice of many parents for summer time, as it can be worn with casual jeans or more formal bottoms. But the remarkable lion print on this Stella McCartney Kids top is a unique one. Every young boy would be glad to wear such a brave T-shirt.

Besides ordinary T-shirts, polo one is not less popular. Roberto Cavalli with a new collection of polo T-shirts offers this dam blue one for your boy. An image of horses impresses a lot. Buttons at the front are comfortable for fastening. A pair of dark blue trousers will match the stylishness of the appearance.

The white color is definitely in trend this season. But not only tops of white color can be seen in shops. How about these cool pants? They are made from soft cotton, which will provide the boy with comfort. They will look great with a shirt of any color and shape. Don’t hesitate and trust Roberto Cavalli.

A traditional T-shirt of white color is always the favorite one. But Hydrogen decided to add some specific design of it, having placed an Aviator logo of the brand at the front. It consists of a pair of wings and a skull. Most young boys like it. A combination of white and blue colors looks very nice. The collar and the cuffs’ edges are also embroidered with blue colored trims.

How to complete the look of your boy? Get these bright sunglasses by Zoobug. The orange stainless steel looks very nice. And the yellow colored lenses will catch the view of all walkers at streets. Each boy with such sunglasses will have the most stunning and remarkable appearance, especially with a cool outfit. Besides the design, the quality of them is high.

Both casual and sportive style can be finely matched by this pair of trainers by Little Marc Jacobs. The upper is made from high quality canvas and have a cool all over print of skate boarder. The color is light blue, but the pattern is white. A rubber sole will always protect from slipping.

Latest kids fashion trends

Children’s world is a fairy tale and game at the same time. Childhood is very fleeting, and therefore we must take advantage of it and live it effortlessly. Nowadays, fashion has reached a global scale, it applies to everything that surrounds us, including on children’s clothing. Fashion is one of the ways to make your child’s life brighter and more varied. And many well-known brands will help you in this. The brand Moschino presents a warm jacket in racing style, it is black with the logo of the brand. Another thing that you can buy from Moschino is so cool sweatpants. Pants in gray, with red strings, so it was comfortable to wear, and with the brand logo on the left leg. All well-known brand Fendi offers an usual white T-shirt, but with a very unusual print in the form of 9 black and red ‘Bag Bugs’ glasses. In such t – shirt your boy will definitely be in center of the attention. In addition, you can get the belt by Fendi, it is made from leather, it has a very unusual plaque. T-Shirt – is one of the most necessary things for the boys, which is why they should be a lot. Such brands as Converse, John Galliano and Junior Gaultier give you the opportunity to choose. Shirt by Converse made in the classic style of the brand, it is gray and with brand emblem in the middle, but remember that this classic will always remain in fashion. Brand John Galliano T-shirt design is very interesting though. T-Shirt is black, city is painted on it and a bear on top of it. Also on T-shirt, you can see the Chinese letters, and a large red designer name. Junior Gaultier presents a T-shirt in white, with a pirate on the front. The image is not complete without fashionable shoes. Sports shoes from Tommy Hilfiger are perfect. They are black, with velcro instead of laces. Logo can be seen on the tongue and on the bottom side.

You can wear your child as you wish, and our web site will help you with this challenge and your child can easily choose something on her or his taste.

Dolce & Gabbana children wear

Dolce & Gabbana

Italy is the country of fashion and style that surprises the whole world with amazing designs of clothing and unique styles. It is the birthplace of a well known brand Dolce and Gabbana. How did it appear? In 1985 Milan was the city where a lot of people could enjoy the new style in clothing that Dolce and Gabbana offered. The line was founded by two friends – Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The two came from different worlds. Dimenico had a poor family that couldn’t allow itself any luxury; the boy was helping his father who had a clothing factory, so he was good at sewing and cutting out. On the other hand, Stefano came from wealth surrounding and was studying at university. He could afford himself buying expensive and luxurious clothes and shoes. The boys met when were working at one clothing studio. They understood that they have a lot of things in common, so were planning to realize their ideas together. And a new factory of their own was opened very soon. Domenicano and Stefano organized a fashion show in Milan, where all elite gathered. It was their debut. After it the brand gained a worldwide recognition. Other experienced designers and famous people were shocked when saw the collection that was represented in the show. How these two young fellows could invent something so great and originally? Today Dolce and Gabbana is considered to be one of the most adored lines among men and women. But children of different age are able to enjoy the bright clothing of the brand as well. The combination of stylishness and practicality catches the attention of many modern moms and dads. Of course, each parent would like to provide the kid with maximum comfort and care. Dolce and Gabbana is the brand that will guarantee high quality clothing, made from natural fabrics only, such as 100% soft cotton, silk, denim, cashmere, linen and chiffon. Besides, each collection reflects a new and unforgettable theme. For example, the year 2000 is known for creating a romantic style, when a line of amazing ballet shoes was offered to customers. They came in different colors and embroidered with nice elements and modern patterns. Girls could put them on with casual jeans or cotton trousers; but these shoes could also match a lovely summer skirt or a dress. The collection of clothes for boys is not less impressive; a big amount of Bermuda shorts and stylish T-shirts will make them look attractive. There is also a possibility of buying a nice suit for more formal occasions. It will look amazing with a long sleeved T-shirt made from 100% soft cotton. Moreover, Dolce and Gabbana represents you a collection of accessories for every appearance. Try leather belts with jeans or a floral hair band with colorful dress. Shoes are made from practical material too, and combined with rubber sole for good fitting. All these clothes and accessories by Dolce and Gabbana are available for online purchasing at web-site.

Hitch-hiker kids clothes

We are glad to present to you an Italian clothing brand especially for young boys and teenagers. Hitch Hiker will make the kid look stunning during all year around. The brand was established under the influence of Monnalisa – the clothes line for girls – that was created in 1968. Hitch Hiker is a way of life; it unites boys for whom fashion is important. The designers give an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be the one that catches the attention of others. So if your boy deserves an admiration, so the way to Hitch Hikers is defiantly for him. An Italian chic and elegance are combined with casualty and comfort of clothing. 100% soft cotton shirts, waists, blazers and jackets perfectly come with dark of pale denim or cotton trousers. Have you got the traditional look of a Hitch Hiker? Look for more styles and designs in Internet and purchase a classic outfit by Hitch Hiker online. The manufacturers offer a nice collection of stylish accessories as well: how about a trendy textile belt that will nicely suit the jeans? A straw hat is a must have of the season – pick up one for your boy. The designers guarantee to parents that their children will be the most stylish with the clothes by Hitch Hiker. Besides, toddlers and infants cane enjoy a variety of cute baby grows and lovely shorties of high quality. Best quality of fabrics is chosen from luxurious natural Italian materials.

ZEF children clothes

ZEF is a stylish brand of clothing that is known for its practical clothing for young children. It is popular among kids and teens in many countries of Europe. Today the brand allows customers from different parts of the world to enjoy the remarkable clothing. You are free to purchase the clothes by ZEF online. Children from the United States and Asia are dressed in warm sweaters, cardigans, bright tops and cool trousers by ZEF. The company offers its customers the best choice of clothing for affordable prices in the market. With the clothing of ZEF you will feel comfortable during all day long. The items are all made from good fabrics. The brand guarantees to all customers high quality clothes. Polite and responsible service is promised to each one. The brand is famous for selling water and wind proof coats and jackets. They are made from polyamide material that will keep the child warm during cold seasons. The coats have hoods and inside pockets. There is a wide color spectrum that will suit both to girls and boys: red, green, blue, orange etc. Young girls would like lovely cardigans embroidered with cute bows and nice prints on it. Soft cotton, silk, chiffon, cashmere and velvet are used most of all in tailoring. ZEF is the brand that will make young child look stylish in any occasion. Casual style created by ZEF is the right way to reflect one’s individuality.

Vans baby shoes


Comfort footwear is an essential item that everyone must have in his wardrobe. If one feel that it is uncomfortable walking, so it is the time to change the shoes brand. All professional shoes makers say that all kinds of footwear must be practical and serve for long time. it is a hard work to create the appropriate model that would be both quality and nice looking. Children are usually very picky concerning their appearance; they choose their clothes and footwear with great attention. Many young girls and boys already have chosen the footwear brand that they prefer most of all – Vans. Would you like to know about it more? Get some more information about the world wide and adored line among children and teen. The year 1965 is the one when Vans appeared in the market. Thanks the creativeness of Paul van Doren all kid in the United States got the chance to wear comfortable trainers of a unique style. Paul always wanted to make deal with shoes – he was helping him mom at a footwear factory. Soon when it was the time of fank music and skateboard riding, van Doren understood that it was the right period to make a sensation and create an own brand of stylish trainers for young generation. Originally, the line needed to be focused on making high quality shoes for teens that were doing different sport activities, especially skateboarding; but also traveling and hiking. In a short time they got the name Skateboard shoes, because of the popularity among young riders. The founder believed that a new design that consisted of a light canvas upper and a solid rubber sole will be the best choice for youth. The first name of the brand was Van Doren Rubber Company, but soon it was renamed and today it has spread its popularity as Vans. The Californian brand reflected the image of a stylish American teenager. This became very interesting and unusual for European people, so they also began using these shoes; and they liked it. Today you can find a huge number of shops of Vans in the world. But if there is no any near your place, don’t worry. The stunning trainers by Vans can be purchased online as well. The fancy American style is perfectly combined with cool modern designs. The collections of Vans vary every season. Famous movie and cartoon characters, stunning and bright prints can be seen on shoes. The colors will suit both to girls and boys; but choose your favorite designs and enjoy your walking together with Vans. The look will be ideal with a pair of denim trousers or shorts. They will match the casual style of the footwear. No one could ask for something better and more quality for easy walking and soft stepping. Children pick up Vans for daily wearing and doing sports. Be the next fan of Vans – order a fancy pair of trainers and get the order in very short time to your place.


TUSS children clothes

Are you looking for nice looking clothes for child that will be of high quality? Address a Sweden brand Tuss that will offer you stylish items for very affordable prices. The brand was established in Stockholm at the end of 20 century. The main goal of its founders was to satisfy the demands of parents and tastes of kids. A simple and traditional design of items is combined with modern tendencies in fashion. It makes the clothes of Tuss look attractive. The motto reflects the attitude of Tuss designers: “perfection can be found in simplicity”. The brand is focused mainly on tailoring products for boys and girls aged up to 12 years. Nice classic cardigans, sweaters, shirts and trousers are finely embroidered with delicate additional elements, such as lace, smart collars, puffed cuffs and lovely pearl beads. A casual style of Tuss will perfectly suit to calm and urban lifestyle. The clothes create a cozy feeling and a harmony between the inner and outside world of a child. In 2001 the designer of another Sweden line – Acne – suggested to join the two brands and continue the business together. He said that Tuss was always the only clothing line where his children were dressed. Tuss is characterized by high quality fabrics that are used in very smart way; professional approach of manufacturers makes the pieces look as if they are handmade. Tuss is already demanded among Swedish modern parents and their kids. The possibility purchasing the clothes by Tuss online makes the line famous in other European countries and overseas.

The North Face children wear

Traveling, hiking and mountain climbing are outdoor activities that a lot of people like doing during their free time. Whether it is summer or winter, each traveler needs an appropriate equipment and clothes, as it is very important to make the sport safe. Different dangerous situations may happen when you can’t go without secure outfit. When going for a trip to the mountains parents pay special attention to the safety of their kids. They choose for them the most reliable and practical clothing and details in order not to endanger them. One of the first brand that started creating precuts with such criteria was the American The North Face company. It was founded by two tourists in San Francisco in 1966; the first collection consisted from mountain climbing equipment. In new years the brand moved to the other part of the city and already was fabricating tourist clothing. it is a worth noticing that The North Face was the unique place where a person could totally get prepared for his trip, with the possibility of buying all camping needs and outfit. Mountaineers and rock climbers could get professional items that were made according to health care standards. Today the line is the most demanded among American sportsmen, but families that are fond of active lifestyle as well. You may be sure that your child will be provided with maximum care and comfort during the trip. Warm sleeping bags, wide tents and big backpack will make up a perfect hiking. Besides, never be worried about the quality of products; the manufacturers guarantee that all equipment will serve for ling time and can be used in extreme cold or hot weather without getting damaged. The motto of The North Face is “Never stop exploring” – this actually reflects the idea and goal of its founder. It destines young travelers to discover the surrounding world, feel nature and get experience with it. The designers are sure that the brand will make the child like making trips and going further. Just pick up with you warm wind and water proof coat that will protect from getting wet and cold during bad weather. 100% cotton T-shirts and wool sweaters must prevail in your bag as well. Put all necessary items in a stylish rucksack by The North Face and be sure to that any stuff can be kept there. Footwear is represented too. it comes of high quality with a free wear sole that will be a perfect choice for long walks. Trainers with non-skid rubber sole are an advantage as well. The North Face has spread its products all over the world. The American tourist and traveling brand has gained the popularity in many mountain ski resorts in Europe too. Professional snowboarders, ski lovers and rock climbers consider the brand as their favorite one. But young children also are offered a variety of practical equipment for their first experience in high picks. Use the possibility of online ordering and get a stylish outfit by The North Face to your city.

Stella Mccartney kids wear

Stella Mccartney

What comes to mind when one hear the name Mccartney? The Beatles? Maybe. But there is another well known name Stella Maccartney. She is the daughter of the famous musician and singer – Paul Maccartney. Paul didn’t want his children to be connected with the world of show business, but today Stella is considered to be one of the most successful designers of Britain. Since childhood the girl was interested in designing and when she was only 13 years old, she already made the fist waist. At the age of 16 she became the assistant of Christian Lacroix. And from now she never left studying fashion and design. As time passed Stella opened her own fashion house, where the fist shoe was held. Yasmin Le Bon, Kate Moss and Maomi Cambell were among the main models. This collection surprised the press with a refinement in style and uniqueness of taste. The next day all outfits were already put to sell in many fashionable cities of the world: Paris, London, Tokyo and others. Though after some time Stella Maccartney left the brand and was working with other houses and designers, the brand itself never lost its popularity. Every season the collections attract the audience more, the manufacturers work attentively on creating original outfits that would fit the modern society. A special children collection was also founded. The line for kids reflects the adult one. Mccartney uses the same models and adds them some friskiness and innocence. It makes the items look in different way. But as all professional designers, she pays big attention to the quality of clothing. Stella Maccartney is the brand that never uses artificial fabrics that may cause harm to your kid. Only 100% soft cotton, wool, silk, cashmere and linen are used. Fur can be seen on winter coats and jackets; it makes the kid feel warm, but all these additional inserts and details give some chic to the item. The brand that was born in Britain today is popular in many countries all over the world. Celebrities tend to dress themselves and their kids in Stella Maccartney’s creations. Do you want your kid to look stylish? A remarkable appearance will be achieved with a perfect outfit by the English brand. Young girls are offered nice summer dresses embroidered with pearl beads, brisk sequins and floral prints. The manufacturers also use interesting patterns that can be seen on tops, skirts, leggings and jackets. Among the favorite themes at Stella Maccartney are vintage, animal and maritime. Each new collection is followed by a wide variety of accessories. Spring – summer line represents bright sunglasses of different shape, cute swimming suits and original sun hats. There are knitted scarves and warm hats for the cold seasons. No matter where you are staying, what is the weather outside; you are free to purchase any item by Stella Maccartney without leaving your place. Make an online order through the Internet and get the delivery in a short time to your home.


Start-rite kids footwear


When young couples become parents, it is very important for them to provide their kids right stepping from their first tries of walking. When a baby already starts making the first steps, different problems may occur, if the pre-walkers don’t suit him. Then it becomes very difficult to reestablish the foot. For this reason, we advice to all young moms and dads to choose footwear for the kids with great attention to its quality. The well known English brand of shoes Start-rite should be taken into account, as it is considered to be a brand that provides the smallest ones with their perfect first shoes. The line appeared more than 200 years ago, but today it is the one that the Englishmen choose for their children. Start-rite is one of the oldest footwear brands in the world. the combination of old manufacturing techniques and new designs make the shoe be not only very practical, but also a stylish one. It is not a surprise that due to high quality items Start-rite has gained the first place among other companies of children shoes in Britain in 2008. Another interesting and significant fact is that the British royal family tends to purchase the products of Start-rite since 1955. All that makes the brand to be very popular and demanded among others. So what are the main features of Start-rite’s shoes? Of course, it is the quality that the company guarantees to all customers. The qualified manufacturers use natural and good materials; soft leather serves as the upper of many shoes and trainers. Leather creates a good fitting on foot. Young kids can fall down if the road is wet, but with an innovative rubber gripped sole the chance is less likely. Start-rite offers shoes with different ways of fastening; Velcro straps are the perfect choice for young children, as it is very easy for putting on and taking off. There are also trainers with lace fastening on the front. Boys and girls can choose the model that they like the most using the web-site. There is a catalogue of all items by Start-rite; kids are free to have a look on new designs. An online purchasing of Start-rite’s footwear is already available, so check out the incomes and make an order. The shoes by Start-rite will suit to a casual look; try them with a pair of denim trousers or shorts. The smallest one will be happy to gat trainers with LED lights that can shine bright when stepping. What a great creation for toddlers and young kids! They will have the opportunity to wear practical shoes that can entertain them as well. The color spectrum that is represented by Start-rite is wide; boys can have green, purple, gray or blue trainers, while girls are offered pink, red, yellow or orange. Beside, the shoes will serve as reliable footwear if going for hiking or traveling. Start-rite is the best brand of footwear for children that can be worn everyday and for every occasion.


Soeur kids wear

Do you want to feel style and refinement in children clothes? Are you looking for a perfect outfit for your girl, but can’t find it? No more searches are needed. We have found the ideal line of clothing that will satisfy the tastes of young ladies. Address Soeur and there you will find a world of fashions devoted to your girl; a world where style is everything; a world of chic and elegance created by simple casual designs. The brand appeared thanks the work of Dominique and Angélique. In childhood there hadn’t the possibility to dress in trendy clothing, because the market was poor. They were dreaming about creating a unique brand for girls to enjoy fashion. Soeur talks about itself. Slim fit jeans, floral leggings, gathered skirts, sleeveless rompers, classic blouses, lovely summer dresses and skirts are offered to customers. A casual style is perfect to make a nice looking appearance during all year. colorful cotton blouses are finely embroidered with puffed cuffs and smart collars. Dresses come with bows on waists; delicate embroidery can be seen on sweaters and T-shirts. A winning feature of the brand is tailoring clothes from soft natural fabrics that make the item look luxurious; chiffon, silk, cashmere, linen, cotton etc. are good looking. The two sisters are proud about their achievement, as Soeur is popular in many European countries and now is gaining its success in the United States. Be the next fan of Soeur and purchase a trendy outfit for your girl in the Internet. Online order will make the delivery to your place.

Sessun kids clothes

You might have never thought how difficult is to create a unique style of clothing. Can you imagine how long a designer should work in order to get a winning end result? But if one really wants to get success among the audience and make the line recognized by many people in different countries, so great attention should be paid to all small details. Emma François comes from France and she is the founder of a famous clothing brand Sessun. She was studying in Latin America, and already while staying there she got interested with fashion and designing. At the beginning she was modeling dresses with handmade embroidery, crocket clothing and warm sweater made from alpaca wool. This was only the first step to the world of fashion business. After her returning to Paris, Emma decided to renew the items she had bought in America; make them look more elegant and refine and then sell them to the French customers. Each simple T-shirts, traditional cotton trousers and blouses were complemented with exclusive details that made the items look original. Soon the Parisian people became fond of clothing by Emma. More and more women were coming to see new creations. The designer was also very satisfied, as she both became a symbol of good and quality fashion and she was earning money. In some time the brand grew up and its production of clothes developed. Now Sessun offers a children collection too that combines a classic look with an urban style. All knowledge about the right using of fabrics and appropriate tailoring that Emma was taught in Latin America was very useful for her, as it makes the quality of her cloth very high. Modern parents can stand synthetic materials that cause harm to kid’s skin; they all look for natural fabrics only. Classic shirts, cotton skirts, warm cardigans and coats with different length create a pleasant feeling on body. 100% soft cotton, linen, silk, wool, cashmere, leather, denim and other materials prevail. The last collection by Sessun is focused on white, pale blue and navy colors. These color spectrum perfectly suits to summer season; it takes children back to the seaside and remains about happy summer holidays. Sessun represents a nice collection of wonderful accessories that will match the whole look. for example, remarkable head wear can be chosen depending on the occasion; sun hats with wide brims would look fantastic while spending time at the beach. A straw hat can make a casual look complete. Besides, lightweight cotton and silk scarves, bright sun glasses and textile bags can be also seen there. Sessun is a worldwide brand of unique style. It makes the child feel comfortable in clothes of refine cut and design. Since 1996 the popularity of the French line only increases in Europe, the United States and Asia. Today children in any part of the world get satisfied with clothing by Sessun thanks the possibility of making an online order. Choose Sessun for look charming this season.

Scotch Shrunk children clothes

Scotch Shrunk

Fashion has been always changing: old trends are not used more, but new ones come to our world. People all over the world like dressing according the last trends; they follow the designs that are offered by the most famous brands. The company Scotch & Soda was firstly established in 1985 in the Netherlands, but unfortunately, it had no success among its buyers. The brand was making clothes for men only, but no fans were seen at all. And only in 2001, when new directors came to the head, Scotch & Soda has become a real fashionable brand that soon has become one of the leading ones in Europe. It was a revolution in the history of the company. When nobody expected from it to rise to the top, it did the best and biggest step. Today many people consider it to be a good luck for the future. The uniqueness of Scotch & Soda lies in its interesting designs and details that make the item look different. You can recognize the item by Scotch & Soda immediately thanks bright colors, original style and trendy look. Though originally there was only men collection, nowadays we can divide it into four main lines: A Scotch & soda for men, Maison Scotch for women, Scoth R’belle for young ladies and the last one – Scotch Shrunk for boys. So what is this Scotch Shrunk collection that so many people talk about? it is definitely one of the most stylish lines that offers cool items for boys aged 4 to 16 years. Both young kids and teens in the United States, Europe and even Asia have caught the point and never miss the chance to look stylish with a jumper or sweater by Scotch Shrunk. The dutch brand is a adored all over the world and it will make you fall in love with it too. you don’t have to leave your house in order to make a successful purchase at Scotch Shrunk. Just use the online store and a reliable delivery service will bring it to you. Scotch Shrunk surprises boys with a variety of funny prints; look at the new summer collection and make sure that no one else will have such a winning T-shirt. Bermuda shorts are perfectly embroidered with floral and tropical images. Let your kid enjoy the maritime theme and feel himself comfortable with the combination of natural fabrics. The manufacturers use innovative technologies that help the fabric gain a soft and light texture. 100% cotton, denim, wool, silk, linen, cashmere and other materials are the main fabrics used in making the original items by Scotch Shrunk. Accessories are an essential part of each outfit; Scotch Shrunk is conscious about it as well and offers young boys to get a leather or textile belt for a pair of denim trousers; or a nice patterned bandana will create an unforgettable appearance in summer time. With the clothes and additional elements by Scotch Shrunk it is possible not only to make an amazing outfit, but to create individuality.

Rykiel Enfant children wear

Rykiel Enfant

Rykiel Enfant is a bright and unique brand that has made a long way to gain nowadays fame. The birthplace of Rykiel Enfant is the most fashionable country in Europe – France. Sonia Rykiel who is considered to be the founder and the main designer started a small business at a clothing factory of her husband. The couple was focused on making knitted items in prêt-a-porte style. The first cloth that was tailored by Sonia was a sweater of gray color. Without any expectations the item was put for selling, but soon the audience fell in love with this soft and nice creation. Many young women were looking for more clothes by Sonia Rykiel. And yes, the designer opened her shop of own handmade items. The founder of the brand wanted women not to feel like they put on clothes on themselves. She always said that it is better to feel free and comfortable. Actually, it was her aim. One of the things that Sonia offered to Parisian ladies was inside out design. It was a sensation, as nobody else suggested it before. This kind of style, the designer assured, made the silhouette of a woman more delicate and refine. Soon the popularity of Rykiel brand has spread all over Europe, for this reason Sonia decided to combine other natural fabrics in order to add some mystery and chic to the look. So silk, chiffon, cashmere, fur and other material were used as well. The unity of colors attracts the view of many customers. Rykiel Enfant is the name of a clothing collection for children only. Toddlers, infants and teens aged 2 to 14 years can have a look on the last collection of the French brand. The manufacturers guarantee to provide boys and girls with comfort all year around. The high quality knitted items with the combination of fur and wool will keep the kid in warmth during cold seasons. Cardigans, jersey dresses, coats and jackets are offered to you. Summer collections are known for their brightness and originality. Delicate lace, brisk sequins, cute ruffles and other nice details embroider summer dresses, skirts, T-shirts and dungarees. Girls will have a remarkable look on the beach as well. Pay attention to the variety of swimming suits of bright colors; and don’t forget about matching them with a pair of yellow or orange sunglasses. Rykiel Enfant uses both traditional and exclusive patterns; many shirts have stripped embroidery; some others can be seen with cool prints on the front. A special collection for infants also presented. Soft cotton baby grows and shorties come with nice smart collars and puffed cuffs; there is also a comfortable fastening supplied with poppers for easy dressing. Young mothers can also enjoy a diversity of changing bags and mats for their newborns. Rykiel is the brand for the whole family. It is the place that unites parents and their children. Stores of Rykiel Enfant are already placed in many cities in the world, but online purchasing is available for you.


Roxy kids wear


Summer is the time when people spend their holiday at the seaside, having fun on the beach, enjoying the shining sun and clean water. In order to entertain themselves, people usually have different outdoor water activities, such as surfing, wind surfing, sailing etc. but can you believe that women were not able to take part in this sports because of lack of clothes and special outfit? They needed to buy clothing for men and put it on when swimming. This problem disturbed the Australian designers a lot. The first surfing shorts for women were represented in 1990 by Bob & Danny Kwock who work at Quiksilver company. Besides a new design of a woman swimming suit appeared too. Can you imagine this unbelievable feeling of young sportswomen? Now they could wear clothes that fit their body. The line was gaining success very fast. In short time another collection was made. For now special winter clothing for snowboarding was tailored. The colors were very bright: pink, green, blue, orange, yellow and red. They were all combined and created a stunning look of a woman on a snowboard. People all over the world already got the news about the new Australian brand that satisfies the demands of those females, who like doing sports, going for hiking, traveling in summer and winter. The image of a woman that has the wish to develop herself, discover the world and gain goals formed the basis of Roxy. The brand was devoted for those ones, who never were afraid of risks; the Roxy woman is a brave one with a desire to change herself and the world. 1997 is the year when the smallest one got the chance to express themselves too. a children collection for young girls aged 4 to 14 years appeared. Now each one was trying to get a stunning swimming suit by Roxy that could make her self-confident and courageous. Besides the daring image, the combination of colors and interesting design made the brand be so adored by females. It is possible to choose any style of a wind surfing or snowboarding outfit. Each costume is water and wind proof – it is a big advantage, as the body will stay dry. But a special fabric allows the sportswoman to make free moves in water. Warm jackets and coats are of high quality as well. Don’t hesitate to take a nice bright outwear when going for hiking in mountains. Your girl will be satisfied with soft stepping and light walking. Today Roxy is specialized not only on creating outfits for women sports, but there are also a footwear collection that represents shoes of natural fabrics and best quality textile. The sole is made due to the stable standards of footwear. The trainers are boots are the perfect choice for traveling for long time. Girls, look for your favorite design of a swimming suit or a surfing outfit in the Internet. The clothes by Roxy are available for online purchasing from any place in the globe.

Quiksilver kids clothes


Nowadays many young children and teens are fond of summer sea activities, such as surfing, windsurfing, sailing etc. They usually spend their holiday near the seaside and have some fun doing sports; some kids are already professionals in such kinds of activities. But have you known that surfboarders didn’t have any special outfits before? All they had were costumes that became heavy after staying in water. This fact discouraged the young sportsmen, as they couldn’t enjoy their time. Alan Green, a young fellow from Australia, who was working on making clothes and footwear, decided to solve the problem of many surfers. And in the beginning of 60-ies he discovered a new model of a diving suit. In ten years with the help of Tim Davis, the designers made the bodshorts that impressed the whole world. Before this new kind of outfit, sportsmen should wear traditional shorts that squeezed their moves in water and on land. Now the shorts were made from elasticated fabric that was getting dry very fast. The product had no pockets or seams; it just got stuck to the body, creating good fitting. Thanks the creativeness of Tim Davis and Alan Green today everyone is able to enjoy the waves. Another item that was discovered by them was Ugg boots. Today this footwear is one of the most demanded in all countries, but originally they were invented in order to keep the feet of surfers warm after getting out of sea. Today the Australian brand has a Quiksilver name and many stores are placed all over the world. The company keeps making more new models of bodshorts for young sportsmen. But there are also some additional lines that represent stylish swimming wear for young girls and boys. They are all produced from high quality fabric that makes a nice feeling. Kids aged 2 o 16 years like wearing Quiksilver’s clothes, as they create a remarkable look at the beach. Bright colors: red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, green etc. are perfectly combined with interesting patterns. There is a possibility for girls to get one or two-pieces swimming suit. Besides, as the popularity of Quiksilver is going up, the designers opened some shops of summer clothing; now bright T-shirts with funny prints, Bermuda shorts and cute dressed are available for purchasing. All items have nice floral, tropical or bird images on them – it creates a real summer feeling. When the sun is shining bright in the sky, let the kid put on the fancy sun glasses by Quiksilver. They are made due to health care standards and safe for wearing. Not less important is to provide your child with a pair of shoes for easy walking on beach. Stunning flip-flops is the best choice. The kid is able to get the favorite color that will fit the swimming wear. Are you already planning your vacations? Get to the online service and order the necessary item for your child. A swim suit by Quiksilver will for sure create unforgettable look!


North sails children clothes

A lot of people always looking forward to summer to come, as it time for water sport activities. How magnificent it is to feel the light breeze, blue waves and the warm sun brims. No one would like to stay at home these days, especially children. And they don’t have to. Surfing, wind surfing, sailing and other sports are already waiting for them. But in order to get a total pleasure, it is necessary to feel comfortable in water. It is better to provide kids with appropriate practical accessories and an outfit that will suit the body. Long ago sportsmen didn’t have the possibility of putting on quality clothes that were made especially for surfing; but today worldwide fashionable brands keep on working and creating new models and designs of diving suits. North sails is among them. The brand appeared in the market in 1958, when its founder Louel North – an Italian yachtsman and world champion, was manufacturing canvas for this boat. He was using unique materials that were supposed to provide good moving in any weather. But Louel was very interesting in satisfying young people who were fans of sea. His idea was to show everyone that there is a life in water, there is inspiration for children and adults. It is possible to become happy while moving on calm waves and feeling the salty taste of water. North began its clothing business. Originally is he was just designing diving suits that were of traditional style. His goal was to make the swimming more comfortable and durable. He never thought this will make him so famous in future. But today young kid and teens are all very glad to have an opportunity to get a luxurious suit by North sails. The company made a great success not only in Europe, but there are millions of customers from the United States and Asia. Both professional sportsmen and amateur can enjoy a wide variety of items. The designer feels the sea and always focused on reflecting its behavior in the best way. The brand makes its clothing only for the most creative, active and courage children. Great attention is paid to small details; Louel uses interesting prints that are not used by any of other sea lines. Kid will look very attractive and unique. Besides the diving suit that brought fame to Louel, nowadays because the demands of buyers, the manufacturers also produces collection of stylish clothing for stylish kids. Free cutting items create an independent look; both boys and girls can express their nature by clothes of North sails. These qualities are reflected in modern items by North sails. The company is specialized only on making its pieces from natural fabrics; a light and soft feeling is provided by this fact. It also guarantees to parents that their children will get a safe outfit that won’t cause any harm to body. Today you don’t have to look for a store in your city, just make an online purchase and get clothing by North sails.

Napapijri children wear

Napapijri children wear

People all over the world dream about travelling and discovering the surrounding world. They move from place to place, fly to other countries, go for hiking in mountains and live in tents. It makes them happy; it extends their view of life, teach about traditions of other nations; but also make them closer to nature. Nowadays young parents prefer travel with their children, making the trip family. When going all together it is necessary a practical backpack in order to put all essential items and equipment. Napapijri – a brand that a lot of people know as the perfect one to get ready for a trip. It was established in Italia, Aosta in 1987. The locality of the city impresses, as it is situated near high mountains. The citizens usually were spending much time snowboarding, skiing, tracking etc in winter; but in warm season them were climbing it up. The founders of Napapijri decided to provide travelers and tourists with practical accessories in order to make their holidays more pleasant. The company produced the first roomy rucksack made from waxed cotton in the 80-ties. What success it got already from the first days of its selling among those who were fond of making sports activities. A name “Bering was given to it to emphasize that it was the new helper and friend of a hiker. As time passed the designers understood that it would be better to provide people with warm skiing clothes too. Every season the designers produce more and more models of backpack than can be used not only for hiking, but teens like to use it in their casual appearance. Anorak Skidoo is the main symbol of Napapijri till now. It is a wind and water proof coat with an attached hood. Parents tend to purchase this outwear for their children first on all. A new tailoring technology was used when making this item; now customers won’t feel cold high in mountains. It will protect them from extreme weather, wind and sleet. The model of the coat is traditional with a zip upper and two pockets on both sides, but kids are free to choose any color they prefer. Few years ago Napapijri represented only several colors of Skidoo, but today the spectrum is wide enough. The name of the Italian brand comes from Finish and can be translated as “Arctic circle”; Napapijri is the line that combines Italian style of clothing, Finish lifestyle and worldwide recognition among adults and young children. Only in 2004 Napapijri started exporting its products to other countries; the United States was the first one to get a remarkable collection of clothes and accessories by Napapijri. Today there are more than 2500 stores in the world, 1000 of them are situated in Italy. But if there is no any Napapijri shop in your city, you are still able to get a traveling bag or a wind proof coat by Napapijri. Make an online order and get your purchase with quick delivery.

Minutus kids wear


The birth of a child is always a very exciting day; young moms and dads do their best in order to keep him in safety and comfort. Parents try to provide him love and comfort, especially during the first time, as he is predisposed to get surrounding irritants. So it is very important to choose high quality clothes that would never evoke allergies and other skin problems. All these features are followed and guaranteed by Minutus. The clothes brand was launched in Spain in 1995 by Joan Vives and Nuria Bass. He is an artist, and Nuria is a professional in wear industry and worked for long time with different garments. The founders made afford and decided to make the life of newborns safe and pleasant. Though the line is a new one in the fashion market, but already modern parents rely on it very much. It has gained an admiration thanks a unique technique of tailoring. Muria who is an expert in fabricating, suggested a new way of making clothes from eco friendly materials. These fabrics are good for a delicate skin of a baby, as they maintain heat and allow fresh air flow to get the skin. It is a good advantage, because in hot days the baby will feel himself cool and nice. The designers of Minutus are sure that the choice of colors is also very important; they offer a spectrum of pale shades: blue, pink, ivory and yellow that fit both baby boys and girls. A design of clothes expresses the beauty of a child and emphasizes on his individuality that begins developing in early age. The Spanish traditional fashionable taste is combined with worldwide demands of customers, as the line is focused on exporting its products to other countries in Europe, the United States and Asia as well. For this reason the designers work and follow the world’s trends in fashion. Each cloth is made with professional approach: you can see high quality work that makes the items look original and remarkable. Cute rompers and baby grows for girls come with flower embroidery and delicate lace around the neck. Baby boys are offered shorties with funny prints of animals and monsters on the front. All items are provided with convenient poppers that serve foe fast nappies changing. A wide collection of accessories may interest young moms. There are comfortable changing bags and mats that can be carried for a walk with a child. Diapers for babies can be found besides clothing. Minutus is known for a big variety of baby items. The stores of Minutus are placed in many European fashionable cities. Before the birth of a child a lot of young couples already purchase baby nests and envelopes for their kids. Each collection is varied and every season there are more impressive incomes that are created especially for comfort life of a baby. Today there is no necessity of going to the shop itself, it is better for you to purchase any item by Minutus online.


Lacoste kids clothes

Lacoste kids clothes

Sometimes luxury and splendor are not the right words to describe a winning brand of clothing. of course it is very important to support a stunning look in the world of fashions, but it is worthy if you feel yourself uncomfortable? We are not sure about it. And Jean Rene Lacoste will agree with it. Jean was a well known tennis player in France; he was a successful one, but after each game he was complaining about the discomfort that he felt during the game. The clothes were getting wet quickly and illness came after each time. Once he asked a tailor to make a special shirt for his – it has an elbow length sleeves, three buttons and turndown collar. And it was a wonderful idea that made the player happy. In short time other tennis players inherited the new outfit and were playing dressed in it. Jean Rene Lacoste decided to continue the idea of producing such kind of items, as it became essential clothing among those who were fond of sports, indoor and outdoor activities, traveling and hiking. And Lacoste – a line of clothing was launched. The designer was using a practical fabric that was lightweight and was staying dry after extreme activity. Today everyone can recognize the French brand thanks the logo – a green crocodile with a raised tail. The history of it is very interesting; as Jean was coming by a shop, where a crocodile leather bag fell into his attention. His friend promised to gift it to him, if Lacoste would win the game. But, unfortunately, it was a failure. The next day the newspapers announced about the result where journalists called Jean Rene Crocodile. Since then and till now this animal symbolizes the brand of polo T-shirts. Though originally Lacoste was focused on making shirts for men, soon a kids line appeared. Today boys all over the globe can enjoy a variety of colors and designs of the item. A polo T-shirt can be worn with a pair of denim trousers or shorts for making a casual look. it can create a sportive style too. the designers are sure that this cloth is the best choice to put on when the weather is hot. A child will feel himself very comfortable. Besides, Lacoste is a manufacturer of other 100% soft cotton clothing. you may be sure about the high quality of products. A new collection of stylish accessories is already available for purchasing. In order to make the appearance of a boy more remarkable, use a trendy textile belt of bright color to wear with a pair of jeans. Summer caps are also offered. They come in different designs, so the boy is free to pick up the one that will match his look. Lacoste is the European brand that has become very famous all over the world thanks traditional Polo T-shirts. But today all customers and fans of the French brand are able to make their purchase online, having chosen the favorite item by Lacoste.

Kissy Kissy children clothes

Kissy Kissy

Are you looking for the best brand of clothing for your child? Can’t you find the clothes that will combine both elegancy and quality? So Kissy Kissy is the answer. The brand is comparatively new one, created only in 1995. Before the birth of Kissy Kissy, there was a big company named Tatiant and Co that was focused on fabricating clothing for babies. The first boutique was placed in Chatham, N.J. Each collection impressed by the professionalism of using cotton fabric. More and more customers began buying the products f Tatiana and Co thanks the high quality of items that it guaranteed to newborns. So what was the secret of making so soft and light clothing? Peru, the birthplace of Kissy Kissy, is known for Pima cotton fabric. It was originated there and called after the people – Pima Indians – who liked there. The material comes in long length that makes it very durable and good for tailoring. But it is very important to know the right way of using it. The manufacturers of Tatiana and Co learned the process and now they are great specialists in making comfortable clothes for young boys and girls. Each item, produced by Kissy Kissy is given to check control and considered to be safe for babies to wear. The designers and fabricants of the brand are sure that there is nothing more important than making the baby feel himself nice while wearing a suit. Besides, the line guarantees to provide each customer with safeness against any allergic responses on the fabric. But the point of Kissy Kissy is not only the quality and practicality of a cloth, but also its look. Toddlers and infants aged up to 4 years old must have a remarkable look while going for a walk, resting in nature or having a birthday party. So pay attention to delicate embroidery that can be seen on every item by Kissy Kissy. Cool shorties, delicate dressed and funny baby grows come with smart collars, ruffle cuffs and colorful bows. It is possibly to choose a cloth both for baby boys and girls, as blue, pink, ivory and white colors prevail. There are interesting and attractive prints on most of items; driving cars and planes are preferred by boys; girl would like floral and butterfly prints. The line of Tatiana and Co can be divided into several collections that represent different style of products: Kissy Kissy Premier offers handmade embroidered shorties and baby grows. Besos by Kissy is the perfect collection for a christening celebration. It has a great variety of festive suits for boys and dresses for young ladies. And don’t forget about the Violets that is a line, which is focused on tailoring dresses of different style and shapes for girls. The products of the famous Peruvian brand have become demanded not only in America, but all over the world. Fortunately, there is no any need to look for a store to make the purchase. You can buy the clothing by Kissy Kissy online.