WOVENPLAY kids clothes

Wovenplay is a renowned and popular brand operating in the children fashion industry. The company was established in the UK in 2009. The company began its operations as the designer and manufacturer of children clothing focusing on swimwear mainly. The company made swimwear the milestone of its business. At first, the company manufactured swimsuits and other swimwear, while currently the company designs and manufactures a variety of accessories that children may need for swimming. Moreover, the company promotes its brand as the brand that supports the healthy lifestyle of children because the company stimulates kids to swim, practice sport and lead an active lifestyle that naturally contributes to the improvement of health and physical condition of kids. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the active lifestyle and health have become important in the contemporary society. For instance, the US as well as many other well-developed countries suffer from the fast growth of obesity that threatens to the public health. In such a situation, brands promoting the active lifestyle are very popular. At any rate, they have a positive public image that facilitates their business development. In this regard, Wovenplay has exploited health concerns of consumers successfully and expanded its business fast.

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