Twin Stars kids wear

Twin Stars is a popular, although new fashionable brand renowned for its children clothing and accessories. In fact, the company has been founded recently in the UK but has managed to enter the children fashion market successfully. In this regard, it is possible to distinguish several factors contributing to the early success of Twin Stars in the children fashion market. First of all, the company focused on the diversity of its products. In fact, the company offered not only children clothing for kids of different age but also accessories and toys that born the brand of the company and helped the company to draw the attention of children to clothing that had the same brand as their toys. Second, the company conducted aggressive promotional campaign and positioned itself as a new and prospective brand that ruins stereotypes and creates brand new fashionable children clothing and accessories. The design of children clothing, accessories and toys from Twin Stars proves the righteousness of this idea. In addition, the company moved online to reach possibly larger number of consumers. Twin Stars was aware that many consumers receive information or look for information on children clothing and accessories online and the company moved online too.

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