TUSS children clothes

Are you looking for nice looking clothes for child that will be of high quality? Address a Sweden brand Tuss that will offer you stylish items for very affordable prices. The brand was established in Stockholm at the end of 20 century. The main goal of its founders was to satisfy the demands of parents and tastes of kids. A simple and traditional design of items is combined with modern tendencies in fashion. It makes the clothes of Tuss look attractive. The motto reflects the attitude of Tuss designers: “perfection can be found in simplicity”. The brand is focused mainly on tailoring products for boys and girls aged up to 12 years. Nice classic cardigans, sweaters, shirts and trousers are finely embroidered with delicate additional elements, such as lace, smart collars, puffed cuffs and lovely pearl beads. A casual style of Tuss will perfectly suit to calm and urban lifestyle. The clothes create a cozy feeling and a harmony between the inner and outside world of a child. In 2001 the designer of another Sweden line – Acne – suggested to join the two brands and continue the business together. He said that Tuss was always the only clothing line where his children were dressed. Tuss is characterized by high quality fabrics that are used in very smart way; professional approach of manufacturers makes the pieces look as if they are handmade. Tuss is already demanded among Swedish modern parents and their kids. The possibility purchasing the clothes by Tuss online makes the line famous in other European countries and overseas.

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