Tom Brown Kids Clothing

Tom Brown is a renowned and popular designer brand manufacturing children clothing. The company was established in New York, NY, the US by Tom Brown, the fashion designer, who decided to launch his business after several years of work in leading fashion companies. In fact, Tom Brown decided to launch his own business, when he understood that he cannot realize all his daring and creative ideas, while working for others. The decision to launch his children clothing line was spontaneous but, to a significant extent, this decision came after the birth of the designer’s first child. In such a way, the fatherhood contributed to the keen attention of Tom Brown to kids wear. The founder of the company pointed out that the beginning of the business was, to a significant extent, his response to the lack of wearing worthy clothing for kids. At first, he started to experiment with clothing for his own child and later he launched the designer clothing company that created perfect clothing for kids of different age. Today, the company operates worldwide and Tom Brown designs children clothing for kids from the first days of life. The company moved online to reach more consumers.

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