Tatiri is a popular and adorable brand manufacturing toys and accessories for children. The company has a long history. Once started in Italy, the toy business evolved into a large corporation that operates internationally. However, the company has preserved its main values and traditions. In this regard, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that Tatiri was always devoted to designing and manufacturing toys made of natural materials, such as wooden toys. Wooden toys were the first toys manufactured by the company but Tatiri still keeps manufacturing wooden toys, in spite of the high costs of the production. In fact, the impact of toys on children is more important for the company than costs of production. Tatiri wants to make its toys kids and environment friendly. The use of natural materials in manufacturing toys helps the company to achieve this strategic goal. In fact, Tatiri distinguishes its products from rivals due to the use of natural materials. The company does not compete with rivals, who focus on the mass production of toys made of plastic or resin. Instead, the use of natural materials is a distinct feature that makes Tatiri toys unique, original and attractive for customers.

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