Suzanne Ermann kids clothes

Suzanne Ermann
Suzanne Ermann is one of the leading and popular brands designing and manufacturing kids clothing. The company was established in France in the late 20th century and became very popular due to the exclusive children clothing for special occasions mainly. Since the beginning of its business, Suzanne Ermann focused on designing of dresses and other clothing items for girls. The company maintains this tradition today. The founder of the company, Suzanne Ermann, is a gifted designer, who worked hard to design original girls clothing for celebration of special events. Initially, Suzanne Emrann wanted to create the fashionable designing company to design and to tailor wedding dresses and related clothing but soon she understood that designing kids clothing for special occasions is very prospective. Thus, the founder of the company expanded its production line and became one of the leading companies designing and manufacturing clothing for kids. The casual style has never attracted Suzanne Ermann and now her business focuses on special occasions clothing. Such specialization has proved to be successful and efficient since the company has managed to expand its market internationally and today Suzanne Ermann operates in the EU, the US and many other countries of the world.

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