SuperTrash Girls children clothes

SuperTrash GirlsSuper Trash Girls is a fashionable designer and manufacturer of kids clothing. The company was established in the Netherlands and today it holds one of the leading positions in the national fashion market. Moreover, today, the company operates internationally and keeps growing attracting many consumers worldwide. The company has a daring name, Super Trash Girls that mirrors the philosophy of the company and its original style, which challenges conventional views on children clothing. To put it more precisely, the company focuses on designing and manufacturing casual clothing for girls of different age. In fact, today, Super Trash Girls designs girls clothing from first days of life and till late teens, although teens comprise the largest part of the target customer group of the company. The rebellious nature of the company’s clothing for girls matches the spirit of teens and their aspirations. This is why the company has become so popular not only in the Netherlands but also in the EU, the US and other countries of the world. The company uses large retailers for the distribution of its products internationally, although the company also cooperates with branded stores. Recently, the company accelerated its online business to get closer to consumers.

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