Storksak is one of the leading fashionable designers and manufacturers of diaper bags and accessories for babies and their parents. The company was established in the UK and is a relatively new player in the fashion industry in the UK and the world. Nevertheless, the company has already managed to expand its markets substantially since today Storksak operates internationally and sells its bags and accessories for babies and their parents in the UK, the EU, the US, Canada, Russia, and many other countries of the world. Storksak is a popular designing and manufacturing company because the company has managed to create diaper bags and accessories that provided babies and their parents with the high level of comfort and satisfaction. In addition, the company specializes on the relatively narrow segment of the market that allows Storksak to reach perfection in its segment. Diaper bags and accessories are made of safe and natural materials mainly. As a result, the company’s products are durable and easy to use. The company attempts to enhance its current position diversifying accessories it offers for consumers. The key element of the company’s strategy is the concern on needs of both babies and their parents to reach their full satisfaction.

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