Stella McCartney children wear

Stella McCartney is a renowned brand in the fashion industry designing kids clothing. The company was founded by Stella McCartney, the daughter of the popular music star, one of the Beatles, Paul McCartney. The founder of the company decided to launch her business since she had a strong inclination to creative work and designing clothing was rather a hobby for her at first, but late she decided to turn her passion into business. The owner of the company worked closely with leading designers to create original products but Stella McCartney performed the function of the creative director of the company. She worked hard to create original clothing. In this respect, the fashion designer clothing created by Stella McCartney became a successful project due to the popular name, which was already a brand, while the originality of the design and creative work of Stella McCartney made the kids clothing manufactured by her company even more attractive for customers. Today, the company has expanded its business substantially. Stella McCartney started as the UK based brand but now the company operates internationally and has extensive network of its stores in the EU and the US as well as other countries of the world.

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