Steiff kids clothes

SteiffSteiff is a popular brand manufacturing toys for children. The company is one of the oldest toys manufacturers. The foundation of Steiff dates back to the early 20th century, when the company designed its first toys and launched the sales of soft toys. Toys designed and manufactured by the company became very popular in the UK, where the company was based. The company expanded its business fast but World War II became the major challenge to the further development of the company because the demand on toys dropped consistently, while the company was unable to restructure and change the production of goods that were needed badly in the wartime. Nevertheless, by the late 1940s – early 1950s the company had started to recover and steadily the company gained the large market share in the UK and entered foreign market. However, the international market expansion was not very active until the late 1980s – 1990s, when the company boosted its business development through the accelerated international market expansion. As a result, today, Steiff toys can be found in many countries of the world. Among the main markets of the company, it is possible to mention the EU, the US, and many other countries.

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