Sophie La Giraffe

Sophie La GiraffeSophie La Giraffe is one of the oldest toy brands which originates from the first toy called Sophie La Giraffe created in France in 1961. Since that time the story of the company begins. The company focused on manufacturing toys for kids of different age and attempted to introduce new, realistic toys which could be attractive for children. In the course of time, toys manufactured by the company grow more and more diverse, while the introduction of every new toy attracted more and more consumers to the company. Steadily, Sophie La Giraffe became a reputable brand that operated internationally and today the company is one of the leaders in the toys industry. Among the variety of products manufactured by the company, it is worth mentioning such toys as Sophie the Giraffe Teether duet, Sophie La Giraffe sets, Sophie La Giraffe roll and go, Sophie La Giraffe heart music boxes and many other toys. The company distributes its toys via large retailers and consumers can find them easily. At the same time, in the 2000s the company has started to develop its online business and now consumers can buy toys their children like online from the company directly.

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