Silvian Heach kids wear

Silvian HeachSilvian Heach is a new brand in the world of fashion. The company has been established in the UK recently and started designing clothing and accessories for children. In fact, the target customer group of the customer is broad but, at the moment, the company pays a particular attention to the development of its production lines for children. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that the company relies heavily on children clothing and accessories market because this market is growing fast, while the competition in this market is lower compared to adult fashion industry, for instance. In addition, the founder of the company, Silvian Heach, is primarily concerned with children clothing and accessories because she finds it more interesting for her to work with little kids rather than with adults. Furthermore, the company is growing and today the company operates in many EU member states as well as in the US, Canada and many other countries of the world. The international market expansion of Silvian Heach was accompanied by the development of online business of the company, which actually facilitated the penetration of new market because consumers could contact the company easily and order any product they liked online.

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