Sherrington children clothes

Sherrington is a new company operating in the children clothing and accessories industry. The company is based in the UK but its products are available internationally, although the UK market remains the largest market for Sherrington. The company was founded by Sarah Sherrington, who became the creative director and leading designer of the company. In fact, Sarah Sherrington decided to launch her own business just because she wanted to make routine things better. As a result, she started to experiment with babies chairs, baskets, bed linen and eventually created her own company, where she implemented her creative ideas. Today, Sherrington is a successful brand designing and manufacturing luxury bed linen for kids from first days of life. In addition, the company offers a variety of products, such as hand painted rush seated chairs, waste paper baskets and bookends. To make her clothing original and unique, Sarah Sehrrington uses handmade embroidery for baby wear, such as bath robes with embroidery for both girls and boys. Also the designer customizes shawls, blankets and other products to make them look stylish, original and attractive to children. In actuality, Sherrington develops its business online and offers consumers large opportunities to buy items they like via internet.

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