SEIMI children wear

Seimi is a relatively new brand designing furniture for children and babies as well as accessories. The company was established in Finland and started its operations successfully. Soon the company became one of the leaders in Finnish and Scandinavian market. Recently, the company has launched the strategy of the international market expansion and aggressive promotional policy. The company developed the environment friendly philosophy which implied the use of reusable and recyclable materials to manufacture furniture and accessories for children room and other elements of the interior. The company used in abundance wooden elements and elements created of the recycled wood, which can be further recycled. The use of environment friendly materials and the environment-oriented philosophy of the company attract many consumers, who are aware of existing threats to the environment caused by human activities. At the same time, products of the company are not only environment friendly but also they are safe for health of children and their parents. This is why many consumers from different countries of the world prefer buying Seimi furniture and accessories for children rooms and interior than products of any other brand. The high popularity of the brand among consumers allows the company to hold a strong position in the market.

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