Scotch & Soda children clothes

Scotch & Soda is a fashion designer brand manufacturing kids clothing. Remarkably, Scotch & Soda dates back to the 1980s but the company failed to succeed and steadily passed away from the fashion industry. Nevertheless, the 2000s marked the revival of the company. To put it more precisely, in 2001, Scotch & Soda has announced its return to the fashion industry and the next year the company re-launched its business in the fashion industry of the Netherlands. Being based in the Netherlands, the company has started its operations internationally. At first, Scotch & Soda operated in the EU but steadily the company expended its market overseas and globally. Scotch & Soda manufactures kids clothing. The company offers designer clothing for both girls and boys. Moreover, the company offers kids clothing virtually from first days of life and for all seasons. In such a way, kids can wear Scotch & Soda clothing all the year round. The company attempts to create original, stylish clothing that could be attractive for consumers and kids above all. The company’s philosophy is oriented on the full customer satisfaction. Today, the company uses internet actively to reach a possibly larger customer group and to sell its products online.

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