Scotch R’Belle kids clothes

Scotch R’BelleScotch R’Belle is a fashion designer company manufacturing clothing for kids. In fact, Scotch R’Belle is the sub-brand of Scotch & Soda company. The distinct feature of Scotch R’Belle is the focus of the company on girls clothing solely. In fact, the company attempts to design girls clothing in accordance to recent fashionable trends and girls clothing designed by the company mirror the latest trends in the contemporary fashion industry. At the same time, the use of recent trends combines with the maintenance of the traditional style of the company, although the company does not have a long history. Even though the precursor of the company operated in the 1980s in the Netherlands, Scotch R’Belle is a brand new company. The company conducts the detailed analysis of needs of its target customer group and designers of the company are eager to create clothing that underlines the natural beauty of girls and helps them feel comfortable anytime. Moreover, the company diversifies its production lines. For instance, recently the company has launched a new line of girls clothing for special occasions. Thus, consumers can buy Scotch R’Belle clothing as casual clothing and as clothing for special occasions to make their kids feel great.

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