Satila of Sweden kids wear

Satila of SwedenSatila of Sweden is one of the oldest Swedish companies manufacturing children clothing. The company was founded in 1896 and in the course of its over a century history the company has managed to reach a tremendous success, expand its market enormously but sustain its traditional production techniques. At any rate, Satila of Sweden started as a company manufacturing knitted products for children. Today, the company remains one of the main fashionable designer companies supplying knitted children clothing to Swedish, European and global market. The brand of the company is renowned in many countries of the world but this brand is particularly popular in Europe, while in Sweden the company holds the leading position in its segment of the market. The major advantages of Satila of Sweden products are the high quality and superb cashmere wool used for manufacturing of different clothing items for children. In addition, the company designs and manufactures clothing for kids of different age. Satila of Sweden has the production lines for boys and girls. Today, consumers can find products of the company in large retail stores internationally. In addition, the company has launched its official website and offers its products to consumers online.

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