Rykiel Enfant children wear

Rykiel Enfant

Rykiel Enfant is a bright and unique brand that has made a long way to gain nowadays fame. The birthplace of Rykiel Enfant is the most fashionable country in Europe – France. Sonia Rykiel who is considered to be the founder and the main designer started a small business at a clothing factory of her husband. The couple was focused on making knitted items in prêt-a-porte style. The first cloth that was tailored by Sonia was a sweater of gray color. Without any expectations the item was put for selling, but soon the audience fell in love with this soft and nice creation. Many young women were looking for more clothes by Sonia Rykiel. And yes, the designer opened her shop of own handmade items. The founder of the brand wanted women not to feel like they put on clothes on themselves. She always said that it is better to feel free and comfortable. Actually, it was her aim. One of the things that Sonia offered to Parisian ladies was inside out design. It was a sensation, as nobody else suggested it before. This kind of style, the designer assured, made the silhouette of a woman more delicate and refine. Soon the popularity of Rykiel brand has spread all over Europe, for this reason Sonia decided to combine other natural fabrics in order to add some mystery and chic to the look. So silk, chiffon, cashmere, fur and other material were used as well. The unity of colors attracts the view of many customers. Rykiel Enfant is the name of a clothing collection for children only. Toddlers, infants and teens aged 2 to 14 years can have a look on the last collection of the French brand. The manufacturers guarantee to provide boys and girls with comfort all year around. The high quality knitted items with the combination of fur and wool will keep the kid in warmth during cold seasons. Cardigans, jersey dresses, coats and jackets are offered to you. Summer collections are known for their brightness and originality. Delicate lace, brisk sequins, cute ruffles and other nice details embroider summer dresses, skirts, T-shirts and dungarees. Girls will have a remarkable look on the beach as well. Pay attention to the variety of swimming suits of bright colors; and don’t forget about matching them with a pair of yellow or orange sunglasses. Rykiel Enfant uses both traditional and exclusive patterns; many shirts have stripped embroidery; some others can be seen with cool prints on the front. A special collection for infants also presented. Soft cotton baby grows and shorties come with nice smart collars and puffed cuffs; there is also a comfortable fastening supplied with poppers for easy dressing. Young mothers can also enjoy a diversity of changing bags and mats for their newborns. Rykiel is the brand for the whole family. It is the place that unites parents and their children. Stores of Rykiel Enfant are already placed in many cities in the world, but online purchasing is available for you.


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