Roxy kids wear


Summer is the time when people spend their holiday at the seaside, having fun on the beach, enjoying the shining sun and clean water. In order to entertain themselves, people usually have different outdoor water activities, such as surfing, wind surfing, sailing etc. but can you believe that women were not able to take part in this sports because of lack of clothes and special outfit? They needed to buy clothing for men and put it on when swimming. This problem disturbed the Australian designers a lot. The first surfing shorts for women were represented in 1990 by Bob & Danny Kwock who work at Quiksilver company. Besides a new design of a woman swimming suit appeared too. Can you imagine this unbelievable feeling of young sportswomen? Now they could wear clothes that fit their body. The line was gaining success very fast. In short time another collection was made. For now special winter clothing for snowboarding was tailored. The colors were very bright: pink, green, blue, orange, yellow and red. They were all combined and created a stunning look of a woman on a snowboard. People all over the world already got the news about the new Australian brand that satisfies the demands of those females, who like doing sports, going for hiking, traveling in summer and winter. The image of a woman that has the wish to develop herself, discover the world and gain goals formed the basis of Roxy. The brand was devoted for those ones, who never were afraid of risks; the Roxy woman is a brave one with a desire to change herself and the world. 1997 is the year when the smallest one got the chance to express themselves too. a children collection for young girls aged 4 to 14 years appeared. Now each one was trying to get a stunning swimming suit by Roxy that could make her self-confident and courageous. Besides the daring image, the combination of colors and interesting design made the brand be so adored by females. It is possible to choose any style of a wind surfing or snowboarding outfit. Each costume is water and wind proof – it is a big advantage, as the body will stay dry. But a special fabric allows the sportswoman to make free moves in water. Warm jackets and coats are of high quality as well. Don’t hesitate to take a nice bright outwear when going for hiking in mountains. Your girl will be satisfied with soft stepping and light walking. Today Roxy is specialized not only on creating outfits for women sports, but there are also a footwear collection that represents shoes of natural fabrics and best quality textile. The sole is made due to the stable standards of footwear. The trainers are boots are the perfect choice for traveling for long time. Girls, look for your favorite design of a swimming suit or a surfing outfit in the Internet. The clothes by Roxy are available for online purchasing from any place in the globe.

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