Reutter Porcelain

Reutter Porcelain is a renowned porcelain brand manufacturing porcelain toys for children of different age. The company was founded in 1948 by Martil Zimmermann and Willy Reutter. Martil married Willy and decided to establish the company manufacturing porcelain products, including toys for kids. Martil was the designer, who designed and created porcelain products, while Will focused on the business development of the company. The family business started successfully, although the company faced considerable problems during the post-World War II years, when German and European economy were just recovering after the destructive war. Nevertheless, the company has managed to succeed and by the 1970s, the company has already become a reputable and renowned brand in Germany. In the late 20th century, Reutter Porcelain accelerated its business development due to the aggressive international market expansion strategy. As a result, porcelain toys manufactured by the company have started to sell in Europe, the US and other countries of the world. Today, the business keeps growing and children from many countries of the world can enjoy original porcelain toys from Reutter Porcelain. Consumers can buy the company’s products from large retailers. Moreover, in the 2000s the company moved online and started to sell its toys via internet.

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