RACHEL RILEYRachel Riley is one of the rarest kids shoes brand in the contemporary kids shoes industry because the company is one of the few in Europe and definitely the last one in France that manufacturers handmade slippers and other shoes for kids. Rachel Riley is a relatively new brand that was established in France on the ground of the old slippers production site. The company was founded by Rachel Riley, who was eager to make unique slippers and shoes for kids and who was unwilling to use conventional tools and equipment to manufacture slippers and other footwear for little children. The philosophy of the company makes the handmade the priority. However, such philosophy is determined by objective factors since companies using conventional equipment with the high level of the automation processes located in the EU or the US can hardly compete with companies outsourcing the production to the third world countries, where the labor force and costs of production are much lower than in Europe. Therefore, Rachel Riley has made the right choice for designing and manufacturing her kids footwear. This is why many consumers just adore Rachel Riley’s slippers and other shoes for kids, while, today, they can buy them online.

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