Quiksilver kids clothes


Nowadays many young children and teens are fond of summer sea activities, such as surfing, windsurfing, sailing etc. They usually spend their holiday near the seaside and have some fun doing sports; some kids are already professionals in such kinds of activities. But have you known that surfboarders didn’t have any special outfits before? All they had were costumes that became heavy after staying in water. This fact discouraged the young sportsmen, as they couldn’t enjoy their time. Alan Green, a young fellow from Australia, who was working on making clothes and footwear, decided to solve the problem of many surfers. And in the beginning of 60-ies he discovered a new model of a diving suit. In ten years with the help of Tim Davis, the designers made the bodshorts that impressed the whole world. Before this new kind of outfit, sportsmen should wear traditional shorts that squeezed their moves in water and on land. Now the shorts were made from elasticated fabric that was getting dry very fast. The product had no pockets or seams; it just got stuck to the body, creating good fitting. Thanks the creativeness of Tim Davis and Alan Green today everyone is able to enjoy the waves. Another item that was discovered by them was Ugg boots. Today this footwear is one of the most demanded in all countries, but originally they were invented in order to keep the feet of surfers warm after getting out of sea. Today the Australian brand has a Quiksilver name and many stores are placed all over the world. The company keeps making more new models of bodshorts for young sportsmen. But there are also some additional lines that represent stylish swimming wear for young girls and boys. They are all produced from high quality fabric that makes a nice feeling. Kids aged 2 o 16 years like wearing Quiksilver’s clothes, as they create a remarkable look at the beach. Bright colors: red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, green etc. are perfectly combined with interesting patterns. There is a possibility for girls to get one or two-pieces swimming suit. Besides, as the popularity of Quiksilver is going up, the designers opened some shops of summer clothing; now bright T-shirts with funny prints, Bermuda shorts and cute dressed are available for purchasing. All items have nice floral, tropical or bird images on them – it creates a real summer feeling. When the sun is shining bright in the sky, let the kid put on the fancy sun glasses by Quiksilver. They are made due to health care standards and safe for wearing. Not less important is to provide your child with a pair of shoes for easy walking on beach. Stunning flip-flops is the best choice. The kid is able to get the favorite color that will fit the swimming wear. Are you already planning your vacations? Get to the online service and order the necessary item for your child. A swim suit by Quiksilver will for sure create unforgettable look!


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