Powell Craft

Powell CraftPowell Craft is environment friendly brand manufacturing toys, clothing and accessories for children. The company was founded in the UK in 1962 by William and Veronica Powell. The family business started with supply traditional handmade wooden toys from the Czech Republic and East Germany to the UK market. In the 1960s, those products were rare and quite exceptional that allowed the company to gain the popularity among consumers, who appreciate rare toys made of natural materials. In addition, toys were handmade that was a very important factor contributing to the overall success of Powell Craft, since other companies offered toys made with the use of the modern equipment. As a result, toys of Powell Craft’s rivals were standardized and common. The company preserved its devotedness to the handmade products and originality throughout its history. In the 1980s, the company introduced children clothing in addition to toys supplied by the company. Powell Craft offered children clothing for both boys and girls of different age. The distinct feature of the company’s children clothing was handmade embroidery and other elements which were also handmade. Today, the company is extremely popular due to its original and handmade clothing and toys. Consumers can buy them online.

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