Polder is a brand dedicated to active children and adults who want to be brave, modern and stylish at the same time. The fairy story of this brand started from two sisters, Natalie Vodegel and Madelon Lanteri-Laura who have a magic touch. Polder was founded in 2000, and its first collection in 2001 has rapidly ascended the top of the Olympus. The next dj vu of the previous great success was presented by a new collection of children’s accessories and clothing called “April showers”.
All garments are made only of high-quality materials and have an accurate cut. BUY POLDER and let your kids dive in the world where everything is candy, bright and soft.
Besides, the tremendous range of different clothes will satisfy even the strictest small customer. There are lots of different leggings, loose blouses and elegant boleros. The palette of colors is unbelievable and unique. Among them, you will find lettuce, snow-white, shocking pink, navy blue, deep brown and others. Do not linger! Discover the broad of accessories! Your children deserve the best of pretty handbags and funny socks. Moreover, all clothing and other articles are decorated with gorgeous prints and ornaments that will help your child to stay out the crowd.

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