Pixie Dixie

Pixie DixiePixie Dixie is the company designing and manufacturing children clothing focusing on pyjamas and other sleeping clothing for children of different age. Pixie Dixie is the company inspired by cartoon characters, a mouth and cat. These characters were and still are quite popular that contributed to the fast and successful progress of the company. In fact, Pixie Dixie was founded in 2006 but in a short time the company has made an enormous leap in its business development. The company started as a UK-based company but in the course of months the company expanded its business internationally. In this regard, the use of new information technologies and telecommunication systems facilitated the international market expansion of the company since consumers have got ample opportunities to buy Pixie Disie’s products online. Pixie Dixie’s pyjamas for boys and nightdresses for girls are made from soft, high quality 100% cotton jersey. The clothing is easy to wear and easy to wash. Therefore, consumers do not have any troubles with children clothing bought from the company. Pixie Dixie designs and manufactures children clothing of all sizes. Thus, consumers just need to choose the product they like and order it online, while the company will ship the ordered product to the clients.

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