Petit Nord

Petit NordPetit Nord is a relatively new company operating in the children clothing market. The company was founded by Jane D. Larsen in Denmark. The founder of the company is the designer and creative director of Petit Nord. Jane D. Larsen decided to start the new company to make children clothing better as the designer saw the ideal children clothing. In fact, the first efforts of the founder of Petit Nord have proved to be successful since the company has gained the approval of many consumers in Denmark. However, the owner of the company decided to carry on the business development and Jane D. Larsen has launched an aggressive international market expansion campaign focusing on the EU and the US as the target markets for the company. In fact, the success in the EU was almost immediately followed by the success of Petit Nord in the US. The main advantage of the company that attracted consumers from different countries was the unusual combination of the classical, traditional style with new trends in fashion design. As a result, the clothing designed by Petit Nord was different, functional and suitable to different occasions as well as for casual wearing and, thus, attractive for customers.

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