Pepe Jeans

Pepe JeansPepe Jeans is one of the most experienced and successful companies operating in children clothing market, although the specialization of the company is relatively narrow since Pepe Jeans focuses on jeans products for kids solely. The company was founded in London, the UK, in 1973. The founders of Pepe Jeans, the Shah brothers decided to launch their company in the Portobello market in London, where the brothers customized original jeans and adapted them respectively to their visions and expectations of consumers. As a result, the first success came soon and within several years the founders of the company have already acquired several shops becoming the UK market leader in the 1980s. As Pepe Jeans took the lead in the UK, they focused on the international market expansion offering excellent jeans products for kids. In spite of the seeming proximity to Europe, Pepe Jeans decided to start the international market expansion from the US, where the company has gained a tremendous success in the 1990s. After that the company did not face substantial difficulties to penetrate the EU market, where Pepe Jeans has had another success story. Today, consumers from over 60 countries can buy Pepe Jeans kids clothing from retailers or online.

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