PedipedPediped is a popular brand designing and manufacturing shoes and footwear for children. The company was founded in the US in 2004. Founders of the company were Angela and Brian Edgeworth, the couple, who have decided to start their own business after the birth of their first daughter. The concept of Pediped children footwear was the next best thing to bare foot. In fact, the founders of the company grew aware that the existing choice of shoes for babies and toddlers was limited. At the same time, health care professionals recommended barefoot walking for babies and toddlers. Barefoot walking was useful for the physiological development of children, while available footwear does not match physiological needs of babies and toddlers. As a result, Angel and Brian Edgeworth decided to create the new type of kids footwear that would be natural for them and match their physiological needs. In such a way, the first Pediped shoes were created. The positive impact of Pediped shoes on babies’ and toddlers’ health contributed to the tremendous success of the company and Pediped expanded their business fast. In fact, the company has overcome the US boundaries and developed their business internationally. Today, consumers can buy Pediped kids footwear online.

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