Pasito a Pasito

Pasito a PasitoPasito a Pasito is a relatively new but already reputable fashion designer brand manufacturing children clothing and accessories as well as toys, which comprise a larger part of all products manufactured by the company. The company was created in 1995 in Barcelona, Spain. Pasito a Pasito was created to offer consumers different products compared to those that had been already present in the market. The company focused on functionality, elegance, harmony, differentiation and distinction of their products compared to products of other companies operating in the industry. In this regard, Pasito a Pasito has reached a considerable success, which was determined not only by the originality of the design of toys, clothing and accessories manufactured by the company for children but also and mainly by the environment friendly products. The company uses natural materials only which are absolutely safe for kids’ health. In addition, their functionality makes them very attractive not only for kids but also for their parents, who can use Pasito a Pasito toys, accessories and clothing in many ways and they always remain durable and nice. As a result, the company has managed to make a considerable progress fast and today Pasito a Pasito operates internationally.

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