Kathe Kruse children wear

Entertainment, joy and fun are the main things that toddlers, infants and young children prefer doing in free time. Today the play market in full of different encouraging games and toy for kids. You can find educational, encouraging, informative etc., so there is a possibility to be borne away with any of them. Boys like playing with driving cars and flying planes, but the perfect choice of a girl is a lovely doll. Have you seen how many kinds of them there are in stores today? They come in different design, according the theme; they have interesting clothing and appropriate accessories. The child can also get a house with bedroom and bath for her. But how looked the doll a century ago? Kathe Kruse could tell you. She came from Germany where she was living with her daughters. Kathe wanted to make the girls happy, so was creating handmade dolls for them to play. The information about it flew out and Kruse was invited to show her creation in Berlin. Then an idea came to her mind: why not to satisfy other children of the country? Why not to make some other dolls for playing? And a small home factory was established, where Kathe was working on new models with clothing and accessories for them. The deal developed and became adored by young children. Soon the children of Kathe became involved into a family business and other factories were opened in Bad Pyrmont and Donauwörth. The items got a success there too. Nowadays the new managers are Andrea and Stephen Christenson. In childhood Andrea was playing with Kathe Kruse dolls and always wanted to have her own production of such a toy. And now her dream came true. She and Stephen do their best in order to promote the brand among modern generation. The doll of today combines the old classic tradition, but some new details are added. She comes in wonderful clothing that is designed due to the contemporary trends. The directors also produce new accessories for the doll, providing her with pets, make up, bags and other stuff. The manufacturers guarantee to parents that the doll is made due to health care standards and the item never won’t cause any harm to the kid. it is totally safe for playing. Kathe Kruse could invent a perfect doll with a unique charm and original chic. Though more than 100 years are left behind, the toy is still popular not only in Germany, but parent from different parts of the world tend to please their girls with dolls by Kathe Kruse. Agree with the fact that it is the best gift for a birthday of a young lady, as each dream about receiving so delicate and lovely creation. Dear parent, if you think about a present for your daughter, purchase Kathe Kruse doll for her and you will make her the happiest one in the globe. The innovative online service allows making a quick delivery to any country and city.


Joules kids wear


Though Britain never was the country for the birth of worldwide brands, as France or Italy, but there are many line and fashionable names connected with the English clothing market. The United Kingdom is known to have its own style in clothing; its outfits differ from those one in other places of the European continent. That makes the brands be so popular and adored by customers all over the world. Have you ever heard about Joules? It is one of the traditional lines of clothing in Britain that was established in 1989 by Tom Joules. The designer started his career as a manufacturer of clothes of country style. He was good professional who was a master of his craft. Soon the name Joules have become well known in many cities. The items that were created by Tom were characterized by unique and creative ideas. The designer understood that business was prospering, as opened his own shop of clothes for children in 1997. Since then the brand can’t stop gaining its popularity. It produces clothes that can be worn in daily life; they can provide kids with comfort and let them make free moves while playing, running and having fun. All items are very practical and multifunctional. A pair of denim trousers can be worn with a nice long sleeved shirt for a formal occasion; a T-shirt with bright funny print on the front will create a childish style. Tom Joules tries to enter the world of children and find out what makes them feel happy. So if your kid is aged up to 11 years, Joules is the brand that he will like for sure. How one can pass across so stunning items? Look at this new summer collection full of bright colors and interesting patterns! Classic tops and bottoms can be finely embroidered with cool images of animals, birds, driving cars and monsters. Your kid will choose the one he prefers the most. Young ladies are offered floral long and short skirts and dresses that can be worn for a walk with friends or to a birthday party too. for you to know, the favorite print of most Joules’s customers is the shark’s head. It prevails on many clothes, especially the T-shirts look attractive. But what about the babies? Don’t worry. They will be provided with the most quality products. Only for them Joules represents the last collection of cute baby grows and shorties of pale blue and pink colors. Besides, Tom is sure that a baby bib should fit the whole look of a child. So try some of them with the print of driving cars of boys and princesses for baby girls. All clothes and accessories are made due to the last tailoring technologies and are considered to be of high quality; 100% soft cotton will create a pleasant feeling for sure. Wellies are the perfect footwear for the English weather. They come in bright pink, yellow, orange and green colors with big spotty patterns. Make an online order and get the favorite item by Joules to your home.


Joha kids clothes


The best way to make the kid happy with his clothes is to choose the brand that offers high quality items. Babies should be provided with maximum comfort and care, as no parent wants the kid to face skin problems because of low quality clothing. Professional designers have to take into consideration the fact the skin of children is very sensitive and synthetic fabrics may cause harm to it. But still there are very few line that are focused on making the life of young children safe. Of talking about those ones in Europe, so a Scandinavian brand Joha offers its wide collection of trendy knitted clothing for children aged up to 12 years. It was represented in the fashion market already in 1946 and since then never lost its popularity among buyers. The reason of constant purchasing pieces by Joha is the fact of using organic cotton, wool and silk fabrics. Stylish underwear, nightwear, pajamas, cool socks and tights are made from eco-friendly materials only. Some clothes come with a special mark – Flower of EU – it tells about its high quality that was tested by European center of quality. There are several collections that are approved by young parents. The designers know that children like sleeping in comfort; for this reason soft pajamas are tailored from 100% cotton and fleece. How pleasant it is for the kid to come home after spending all day outdoors and put on his favorite home wear by Joha. It is possible to get a set that consists from a top and shorts or long trousers. The kid is free to choose the one with his preferable prints; there are images of famous cartoon characters, animals, monsters and princess. Girls like the last collection of night dresses; the models are finely embroidered with delicate lace on edges and cute colorful handmade elements on the front. When the weather is cold, Joha advises parents to get a remarkable overall for toddlers. It is made from high quality fabric that, on one hand, keeps the body warm, but on the other, it allows it to breath. Socks and tights serve as a nice addition to the whole look of a child. The items are woven, so if you are traveling to mountains, don’t forget to put a pair of knitted socks by Joha in bag. The Danish brand keeps to traditional design; it uses plain colors with a moderate amount of bright prints and patterns. It is the brand that prefers the clothes to be of good quality than of stunning design. Nowadays the line still has been gaining is adoration and success all over the world. Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, England and other European countries already have stores of Joha. Now the United States and Asia are available to get the practical clothing and footwear of Joha as well. All customers are free to use the web-site and choose the favorite time, make an order and in a short period of time get the delivery.


Jean Bourget children clothes

The main goal of many fashionable brands is to keep to modern trends and follow the last tendencies in clothing. it is very important for each line to renew every coming collection in order to create more stunning designs of clothes that will attract the customer. The French brand Jean Bourget is the one that impresses every season; the collections differ every time and make the audience want to purchase some of the incomes. During the last 50 years Jean Bourget doesn’t fall behind; thanks the combination of French elegancy and contemporary way of life, young parents tend to dress their children in Jean Bourget clothes. Every kid who dreams about conquering the audience and stay remarkable during all year around would choose Jean Bourget for sure. the collection is created for boys and girls aged up to 16 years and totally reflects the nature of a French young generation. Warm sweaters, jumpers, hooded zip-up tops, water and wind proof coats, velvet and leather jackets etc. make the winter collection. Spring – summer season is represented by bright T-shirts with funny prints, Bermuda shorts, delicate dresses and skirts. Be the one to explore all incomes before others. Check out the web-site and purchase the items by Jean Bourget for your kid online. Soft cotton, silk, wool, leather, denim and more natural fabrics are used for making clothes. Jean Bourget never would skimp on quality of its products. Get a nice outfit by Jean Bourget for most affordable price.

Il Gufo children wear

Il Gufo

A lot of young parents ask themselves how to combine the two feature of a perfect outfit: comfort and style? They all want their kids to be dressed in clothes made from natural fabrics, but do all high quality items are nice looking? We are not sure. But there is a good solution for this problem. The Italian brand Il Gufo will be the best choice for young child. This brand is known to be one of the most demanded among kids aged up to 14 years. Il Gufo appeared in the fashion market in 1980, when Jovanna Miletti – a young mother started creating handmade clothes for het three wonderful children. With some help her small factory and shop turned into a successful business that brought fame to Jovanna and practical clothing for girls and boys. The manufacturers work only with 100% soft cotton, pure linen, warm wool, velvet and silk. All these fabrics create a nice feeling when wearing the clothes on. T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, leggings and cotton trousers will provide the child with comfort while making moves, walking and spending time outdoors. One of the main features of Il Gufo is making handmade embroidery that finely looks on tops, jackets and dresses. Girls are the main fans of interesting and original designs of clothing. They like the knitted dresses and sweater by Il Gufo with pearl beads, attached flowers and bird prints. It is not a surprise that many customers and children especially call the brand “a planet of positive”. The designers present the kids good emotions and wonderful mood thanks the bright colors. Each day will be sunny and happy with an outfit by Il Gufo. In order to diversify the common clothes, the designers use nice patterns, such as tartan and check. These elements add some stylishness to the whole item. The brand also offers a special collection of clothes that can serve as a nice outfit for a special and festive occasion. White colored blouses come with smart collar, ruffled necklines and diamante gems on the front. These models can be worn with a cotton skirt or a pair of trousers. Don’t forget to have a look of an accessory collection that will make you deep impressed. A variety of ties and bow ties will convert the boy into a young gentleman. They can be worn with a formal shirt and make the child very elegant and trendy. Some items are finely embroidered with cool prints of driving cars, planes of fruits. When customers hear the name Il Gufo they immediately think about it as the brand that is comfortable for wearing during any season and time. Ask about it some regular customers and be sure that the quality that is guaranteed to you totally correspond the affordable price. Today Il Gufo is known not only in the place of its birth, but in whole Europe. Children from the United States or Asia can get the remarkable clothes by Il Gufo, having made an online order.

I Pinco Pallino kids wear

I Pinco Pallino kids wearChildren for sure make our life happier and brighter. They bring so much joy and laugh. What a wonderful feeling it is, when the house is full of kids. Each parent takes care that his child will be nice looking; it means that it is very important o choose clothes that the kid will like putting on. They must be of the color he or she prefers and of course, not less important fact is that they will feel comfortable enough for running and playing. In order to provide the child all these features, we advise you to address a well known Italian line of remarkable clothes – I Pinco Pallino. It was founded in 1982 by Imelda and Stefano Cavalleri. She was working for long time in a factory of women coats; and Stefano was a successful painter and traveler, who was discovering more and more new fabrics. Their fist creation was a coat with handmade felt flowers. The item got the admiration of world known designers in Italy, and since then the company was gaining fame. Today the stores of I Pinco Pallino are placed in the most fashionable cities of Europe, the United States, Japan and Asia. The brand represents three main lines of clothing for children: I Pinco Pallino, I Pinco Pallino Baby, and Pinco Pallino Little. There is one thing that unites them all – it is the unique style. The brand is known for using a maritime theme on clothes. The first collection was designed using sea prints and details, and as it got a huge success, maritime has become the symbol of I Pinco Pallino. It was a good choice, as all kids like spending time near the seaside, playing beach games and swimming in cool pure water. Another used theme is a floral one. You can see daisies, anemones, mimosa, lilac and roses on girlish summer dresses, skirts, blouses and tops. This theme will give an impression of blossoming spring that smells so nice! It is necessary to mention that the team of I Pinco Pallino consists of professional tailors and manufacturers that work attentively on each piece of cloth. You may be sure about the using of natural and quality fabrics. Each customer is guaranteed high quality clothes that are made from 100% soft cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, linen, chiffon, leather and denim. I Pinco Pallino tries to make bright and unique personalities. Imelda and Stefano Cavalleri assure that each boy and girl must enjoy this time of joy and childhood. There is no any necessity for creating elegant and classic suits for young minds. Clothes must give the feel freedom and easiness. This is the main goal that the Italian brand follows. Are you interested in discovering the world of I Pinco Pallino fashion? Get acquainted with the new incomes at web-site. The last collection is represented in all colors and styles. Your child will have the most remarkable look with a trendy outfit by I Pinco Pallino. Make an online order now.

Hunter baby shoes


Britain – a country where there is the biggest amount of precipitation that any other country in the world. But the Englishmen have already get used to such weather. It is obvious that rainy weather requites special outfit; for this reason people usually put on long coats and take umbrellas with them. But another important item in everyone’s wardrobe is footwear. The shoes must be of high quality for the foot not to get wet. An American businessman – Henry Lee Norris – who came to Britain had a wonderful idea of creating rubber boots for the citizen. Firstly the small line was named The North British Rubber, but soon was renamed into Hunter. At the beginning of its history in 1856, the stuff consisted only from 4 people, but in several years its number grew to 600. Hunter played very important role during the first and second world wars. The brand was producing rubber boot for soldiers and was supplying the whole British army with rubber water proof shoes. During these years Hunter was gaining its success not only among men, but also women and children. At the end of the century all people in the United Kingdom were wearing rubber boots by Hunter. The traditional design of shoes – orthopedic model of dark green color with a length up to the knee – still remains being the most preferable among buyers. It is worth saying that the boots of Hunter got the recognition of the royal family of The Royal Warrants of Appointment. Today the brand has many fans among young children too. Parents try to provide their children with high quality shoes for keep their feet dry and warm during rainy days. Toddlers, young children and teens are free to choose their favorite color; bright red, green, pink, blue, yellow and orange color are available; some of the models are finely embroidered with traditional patterns of spots and funny prints. They will have a magnificent and bright look during gray days of London weather. All footwear comes with a practical sole that will prevent the kids from slipping on water. The rubber boots by Hunter will perfectly be matches with a casual style. The English line of footwear has become very popular in many European countries and America. A lot of celebrities tend to wear Hunter’s and put the boots on their kids as well: Nicole Richie, sisters Olsen, Ann Hathaway, Lily Allen, Rachel Bilson, Bred Pit and others are among them. As you see, celebrities all over the world have already become regular customers of Hunter; the boots are the perfect combination of old English traditions and modern way of life. The brand shoes how simple item can become a real discovery that will stay loved by people for long time; and serve as a reliable provider of quality products. Young girls and boys of all ages are free to choose their favorite rubber boots from the new collection of Hunter. Make an online purchase and get a quick delivery to your place.


Hatley children wear


Nothing can be so important as to provide the kid with comfort and care. Modern fashionable brands not always take into account this important feature and offer children clothes of low quality or made from artificial fabrics. But would one wear clothes that prevent from free moving or create uncomfortable feeling? Of course, not. Today parents all over the world tend to look for brands that use natural materials only. Hatley one of the popular line of clothing that guarantees to keep to safe tailoring technique with using 100% soft cotton, linen and wool. The roots of Hatley are in a wonderful country – Canada. A young artist Alicia Oldland, who was painting for donate her works, found out that her masterpieces can be sold with kitchenware. So Alicia Oldland and her husband John opened a small factory in 1986 in Quebec. Soon the places has become well known among people; And she was on the right way. The accessories were immediately sold out. It was a real success that no one expected. The three sons of Alicia and John Oldland moved the factory to Montréal and decided to make a children line of clothing, as the painting of Alicia were popular and loved by young children. So why not to make a clothing line in order to make the kids happy? more and more young parents were coming to the shop for remarkable items for their children. Now you are able to find at Hatley several collections of stylish nightwear, underwear and accessories. Sets of tops and shorts, pajamas, night dresses and other clothing are made from soft fabrics that create a lovely feeling during night time. the kid won’t feel discomfort for sure. The collection is available for kids aged 12 months to 12 years. The designers also offer a variety of sleepers; they are puffy and warm – the best choice for making a cozy feeling at home. Hatley represents a new model of water proof coat and rubber boots for rainy weather. This innovation was created especially to keep the children in warmth when they spend time outdoor as well. The coat comes in long length and with a zipper fastening on the front; a convenient hood is attached too. The rubber footwear will be a good addition to the outwear. A safe sole will prevent the kid from slipping in water. Look at celebrities who have already chosen Hatley as the main brand for themselves and their children; Orlando Blum, Chris Martin, Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck and others are the regular customers of Hatley. Their children feel very satisfied with stunning outfits by the Canadian brand; soft nightwear provides them with good and sweet sleeping. There is no any problem with purchasing the items by Hatley anymore. Thanks the possibility of ordering the clothes online, each one is able to buy the favorite style of color of underwear, nightwear or bathrobe. Be sure to get high quality clothing that is designed in an original and unique way.

Hackett kids wear


The business of fashion can be developed in different ways; some designers make the way to success starting with getting appropriate education; some make it by themselves; and others become designers by chance. Most of well known fashion houses and their directors have never thought about becoming so popular. Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyed-Jennings were at the same situation. The beginning of their deal was great news for everyone. The couple was conscious about the possibility of buying second-hand clothes for cheap price; they were getting more and more items; and were converting them into a real masterpiece. Only with some minutes of imagination and creative mind, they could make remarkable clothes; and honestly, the English people have become real fans of the new produced clothing. What was the secret of them? Just a wish to create and make the world more beautiful. Soon a small store was opened in London. The young generation of the capital of England got crazy about the items that had a traditional shape, but a new design. With such clothes teens felt themselves fresh; ready for new deals and steps. It was the main goal of Hackett – to make people think in different way, let them express their feeling and ideas wearing clothes that matched their personality and individuality. Now London was different. Soon Hackett has spread its popularity all over the British continent; it covered Europe and then the United Sates. Today each child is able to have a look on the last incomes by Hackett in the Internet and make an online order with a fast delivery to his home. The casual style of Hackett fits boys and girls aged up to 16 years. Modern parents also can’t leave the clothes by Hackett without attention. All items are produced due to world’s tailoring standards; natural fabrics are the basis on all clothes. Sweater, jumpers, T-shirts, hooded zip-up tops, trousers and shorts are made from soft cotton, wool, cashmere, silk and velvet. Pay attention that the price totally corresponds the quality. If a child would like to have any additional element in his wardrobe in order to get a complete look, the collection of original accessories will be for him. Knitted hats and scarves come in stripped and spotted patterns, belts are made from textile or leather perfectly suit to denim or cotton bottoms. Young ladies can enjoy the great variety of head accessories; among them are clips with floral prints, silky hair bands with bows on one side. Hackett represents unique sets of baby bibs for toddlers. They come in pale colors with cute images and prints on the front. They are all supplied with poppers on one shoulder for easy putting on. Besides, a bright clothing set of a top and trousers is the ideal choice for a newborn. He will look very stylish already starting from early age. Keep to the last trend of Hackett and make your toddler, young kid or a teenager look amazing during all year around.

Hackett London kids clothes

Hackett London

Britain is a birthplace for many clothes fashionable brands that are very popular among us today. The wear industry of the English continent is varied; on one street you can find luxurious evening dresses and suits, but also second hand outfits that are not less demanded. It is your choice what brand to supports and what style fits to you best. But nowadays the children fashion world develops faster than any else. Each collection is do different, but so attractive. it is very hard for parents to choose the perfect brand for their kids. This time we would like to put your mind to one of the most extraordinary clothing companies – Hackett London. You would ask what is so special about it? The beginning of the line was in fat 1983, when two fashion lovers – Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyed – were looking for some outfits in secondhand shops. The friend got an interesting idea – why not to purchase these clothes, but to add some chic to them? It would look more modern and reflect our entire world – the girls thought. They began to embody this creative thing, and the things that they got were admired by the audience. Soon a first renewed secondhand collection appeared on Portobello Road. Bright details were added to dresses, blouses and dungarees; they were embroidered with brisk sequins, diamante gems and pearl beads. The young generation in London was the main customer; new subcultures were fond of new style in clothing that totally could tell about them. New designs were new way of life that allowed young people to be unique. That was time of changes both in fashion and personality. Ashley and Jeremy never thought the idea would get so great success, but soon they opened a professional factory for making own outfits using high quality garment and innovative technologies. The cooperation with Guards Polo Club started very soon. As most of popular brands of that time, Hackett London began producing polo T-shirts that were part of the uniform of polo players in Britain. Only in 1995 children line appeared. Today stylish boys and girls aged up to 16 years are free to get the trendy 100% soft cotton shirts, denim trousers, warm wool sweaters and leather jackets by Hackett London. Both autumn-winter and spring-summer collection are full with new incomes that every year are designed in new style according the worldwide tendencies. Dynamism, activity and motion are the main features of the English company. Let your child feel the style and stay remarkable during all year. A special collection of bags is represented as well. Get a fancy hand or shoulder bag and make your look complete. Winter and summer accessories have an important role, as the manufacturers are sure that some additional details are essential is making a causal stylish look of a child. Hackett London offers its unique clothes and original accessories for online purchasing. Now you are able to buy the items by Hackett London through the Internet from any place.

Guess children clothes

Guess children clothesThe United States is the place that allows people to dream and create new ideas; the country where there are so many cultures and nations combines traditions from all over the world. For this reason fashion from different places of our globe gathers there – in America. Mystery and inscrutability are the synonyms for the new brand – Guess. This fashionable line combined the American freedom and independence with a European classical tradition. Thanks the founder of Guess – Georges, Arman, Paul and Maurice Marciano – today we have such a wonderful opportunity to dress in luxurious clothing of high quality. The history of Guess starts in 1981when a new collection of jeans appeared. the designers were sure that the denim fabric is going to strike the world of fashion. And it did. But soon in the 80-ties the brand began losing its popularity among customers. But a new and fresh idea came to young minds and the brothers decided to make a stunning design of jeans with three zippers. And they were right. This model was sold out in few hours. The customers demanded for more parts. Marciano understood is was a sensation. Till now Guess remain being one of the most loved brands not only in the United States, but all over the world. It is a well known fact the denim is the fabric that young generation prefers the most. A special collection for children and teens appeared immediately after gaining the admiration of thousands. Nowadays Guess is focused not only on making trousers, but the manufacturers use denim in order to produce other items; they combine the practical fabric with cotton to make waists; with silk and wool; with cashmere and linen. This multifunctional material comes perfectly with any other one. Though Guess works mainly on creating a casual look of a child, a formal or a festive one can be also achieved by right combining of two pieces – the top and bottoms. Let the kid enjoy the bright colors of T-shirts, interesting patterns on shorts and funny prints on sweaters. Each line has an additional collection of amazing accessories that will match the look. Such remarkable elements, as warm and sun hats, knitted scarves, leather and textile belts can suit both to boys and girls. Young ladies can make their appearance more impressive with a colorful fur collar. Guess offers a wide variety of footwear as well. All shoes are made from high quality materials; sandals are covered with leather upper and have a mom slip sole that will prevent from slipping. Boots can come with Velcro or lace fastening; can are good for running, going for a walk or traveling. You will never mix up the clothes by Guess with any other brand. The line has a unique tastes and style that makes it original. Look for the new incomes from the last collection of Guess in the Internet. An online purchasing is available from every corner of the world; so make an order and make your kid look trendy.

Grevi children wear

Grevi children wearAll those stylish people who follow the trends in the world of fashion know that no outfit will look perfect without an additional item that would make the look complete. Women put on scarves, bright silky bows, rings and necklaces; men wear leather and textile belts, watches etc. But they all agree that nothing can be compares with a stunning head wear. That is the right accessory that will make others gaze on you. Grevi – a brand that appeared in 1875 in Italy, Florence, was the one that all fashionable ladies adored. It started making unbelievable models of head wear that suited to any outfit. In the 30-ties the company produces items made from melousine and satine. Straw hats with organza and velvet inserts were the most preferable among customers. Later the designers were focused on creating casual hats. For this they used the Tuscan lambskin. Nowadays the tradition of wearing a hat is not as popular as it was before; only few decades before, the streets were full of nicely dressed women with different kinds of hats on their head. It added some tenderness and elegance. But not only adults were fans of this item. How lovely the little girls looked. A cute head accessory converted girls into real princesses. The hats could be chosen according the occasion. If one was going for a walk a simple straw hat was the choice. But if it was a special day or a family celebration, so the accessory was embroidered with natural or artificial flowers, lace and beautiful bows. Besides, the head wear was of different shape; with wide and narrow brims. Today less people are seen with this refined element. But still what a nice thing is to come across young girls wearing a lovely summer dress with a white or ivory hat with delicate embroidery and a strip all over the item. Grevi will provide you with the widest variety of head wear for young girl. The new collection correspond the modern tendencies and will make the kid remarkable. Unique designs, original style and impressive models can be found at Grevi. Now besides sun hats, you are free to choose also wonderful knitted hats for cold seasons. They are made from 100% wool, velvet, fleece and cotton. Your child will stay in warmth in winter. Have a look on the last line, where bonnets, straw hats and wonderful knitted items are represented. Each item by Grevi will create an unforgettable appearance of your girl. The popularity of the Italian brand is spread all over the world: Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia. Grevi has its stores in Milan, Paris, Los Angeles and other fashionable cities. But now it is not necessary to search for the shop, made your order online. The possibility of purchasing the fancy accessories by Grevi is already here. So make your little lady feel herself elegant and stylish with a lovely sun hat by one of the oldest head wear brands ever – Grevi.


Giesswein kids footwear


What tells us about the luxury of a cloth? How can we be sure that a T-shirts or sweater will serve for long time? the answer is simple. You have to look for clothing made from natural fabric. How difficult it is to find high quality products in the fashion market today. Most of brands use artificial leather, synthetic material and low quality fabrics. Modern parents fight for providing their kids with natural clothes that won’t cause any harm to their health. But we promise you that you may be sure about the reliable brand Giesswein. It never uses artificial tissues. Giesswein has an old history that starts already in 1954 in Austria, when a young couple Elizabeth and Walter Geisswein started using wool to make their clothing. they knew that this fabric will make young children warm during winters and create a pleasant and soft feeling on body. It was the material that has been produces in Austrian farms, so no synthetics were mixed with it. Soon cotton, pure linen and leather became used. Young mothers were very satisfied with the quality of knitted clothing by Giesswein. But the secret of the success lies also in a unique tailoring technique – a plastic art is considered to be a natural tissue processing. This way of making clothes was used by our ancestors long time ago. Giesswein uses this tradition to satisfy the demands of parents and make the kid healthy. The line has a nice collection of blazers, cardigans, shirts and home wear for young children. The clothes come in different colors and designs. There are pajamas with cool prints of driving cars and monsters for boys; and flowers are birds for girls. Training suits are also widely represented in a diversity of models. Original embroidery can be seen on most of clothing. It is worth to say that all elements are handmade and were chosen by designers to create a unique piece. For this reason you will never find a similar product at any other brand. But the preferable item of most kids is, without any doubt, warm wool slippers. Look at these nice pair of shoes with animal cartoon images; what character will your kid choose: wolf, bear, lion, deer? The line also offers outdoor footwear, as sandals and boots. The upper is made from best natural leather that will keep the feet in warmth. Rubber sole usually supplies the shoes. If you are going to spend winter holidays high in snowy mountains, it is necessary for your child to have a cozy home wear and a pair of stylish sleepers. Europe has already tested the Austrian brand for its quality and comfort. Now it is your turn. Wherever you are staying, you are free to purchase the clothes by Giesswein online. The Internet service is available for using in all Europe, the United States, Australia and Asia. Your child will be very glad to receive a natural sweater with a funny bright knitted image on the front.

GF Ferre kids wear

GF Ferre kids wearFashion is not only term that describes nice looking clothes and model shows; it expresses one’s individuality, the inside world and thoughts. When we look at a person, immediately can say about his personality thanks what he wears. Casual, festive, formal and elegant styles are chosen by people. Depending on the occasion, men and women put on suits or evening dresses, jeans with T-shirts or sweaters. Each one can find himself in the world of fashion. Gianranco Ferre- an Italian designer and the founder of GF Ferre – started his education as an architect, but soon the fellow realized that all he was interested in was modeling clothing. He gave up his subject and began creating new clothes for different fashion houses: San Giorgio, Oaks, UP.2.90, Ketch and others. At the beginning of 20 century Ferre went to India to put any eye on factories that were producing clothes for Italy. There he got a lot of experience learned some new tailoring techniques, which were not known of Europe. In India he was focused on ethnic style of clothing; he was using the local cashmere fabric and a traditional Scottish check – tartan. Ferre brought to Europe a wide spectrum of new colors: red and black peppers, cinnamon, curry, vanilla and many others. After his coming back, Gianfranco met Franko Mattioli; they started their business together. And soon a white elegance blouse appeared in the market – this became the symbol of GF Ferre brand. Only in 2003 a children collection appeared. But it has gained its success and admiration from the first collection. So what makes the products of the Italian brand so adored? The answer without any doubts will be the quality of clothing. Ferre was working only in natural luxurious and expensive Italian fabrics. It was easy to work with them; natural materials make the process very pleasant and the end result impresses. 100% soft cotton, silk, wool, pure linen, cashmere, chiffon and denim were used in order to show the customers garment masterpieces. It is a very important fact, as no one would buy synthetic clothes for children. But the high quality items totally correspond to their price. GF Ferre uses bright colors, handmade embroidery and additional details to make a stunning look of each piece. Attaches flowers, silk bows, pearl beads, diamante gems and other elements can be seen on wool cardigans, summer dresses, colorful skirts and short sleeved T-shirts. The clothes by GF Ferre can be recognized at once – the logo of the brand is placed on all items. A nice baby collection is represented as well. Stylish baby grows and shorties come in pale colors with childish prints and delicate embroidery. All baby clothing is very comfortable for using thanks poppers for dressing on and putting off. GF Ferre is one of the most popular children brands in Europe, but today the United States and Asia may also enjoy the refined taste and original European design. Online purchasing is available from any place and country.

Gant kids clothes


After the second world war people all over the world wanted to change their life, consequently there was a wish to change the wardrobe; to get rid of pale and gray colors and to have new style – a modern one. America is the country that has never suffered from lack of vitality; men and women were always enjoying their free time and wearing the most brisk clothes. Already in 1941 Bernard Gantmacher who was born in Ukraine, moved to the United States in order to get better life. There he was working in a small factory, making shirt’s collar. In short time he and his wife, who was a specialist in making buttons, opened a small shop of their own shirts. The main feature of them was the fact that the collar could be attached by two buttons – it supported the collar’s solid position. Soon Bernard Gantmacher started to mark his clothes by a letter “G”, so people could easily find the shirts of the designer. Only in 1949 the two brothers – Elliot and Marti Gantmacher – launched the brand as Gant. They created a new style of shirts – A hook at the back of shirts brought fame to the item as well. The line was still tailoring only clothing from men, so with the growing popularity it created several collections devoted for women, children and of course a separate line of accessories. The kid line appeared not so long ago, but already is considered to be adorable among the young generation. It fit to boys and girls aged up to 16 years. So if your child is a fan of casualty and classic style, Gant should be his choice. There is nothing better than having in one’s wardrobe a 100% cotton shirts with a pair of dark or pale jeans. It would create not only a traditional look, but with the refinement of the cloth, your child will be on top. It is unbelievable how each item can match the individuality: you are free to have a wide spectrum of colors and different design of denim trousers, sweaters, T-shirts and coats. Gant produces children collection twice a year and provide its fans with the most comfortable clothing ever. There is no any excessive embroidery or bright prints, but luxury is achieved by combining expensive fabrics: cashmere, denim, wool, silk, cotton etc. so if you are looking for a reliable clothing brand to dress your child in? Never have any hesitation about the choice. Gant will be your answer. Children all over the world have already become addicted to its high quality and fashionable designs. A special collection of footwear is going to serve as a nice additional to complete the whole outfit. Don’t pass through the wide variety of magnificent accessories, which are represented at each collection. Though Gant stores are placed all over the world, don’t be worry if you don’t find it in your town. Get any item by Gant having purchased it through the Internet.


Galluci baby shoes

Italy – a country of fashion, unique style and impressive designs. Every brand that is established there will for sure gain a worldwide success. Children lines of clothes and footwear play very important role in wears industry of the country. Famous old and new brands create collection for kids in order to provide them with quality products. The shoes market has its features that determine the fashion tendencies. No one of the Italian brand would ever permit to use artificial or synthetic material for making footwear for children. Their feet must be provided with the best quality and maximum comfort while walking. When choosing a shoes brand for kids, parents, on the one hand, pay big attention to quality, but on the other, it is better to have a style look of shoes. So what is the choice of many Italians? Galluci is the answer. This company was established in 1959 in Monte-Urano – a place that is famous for its leather processing. Natural sheep and cow leather make up the basis for Galluci footwear. These fabrics keep the feet warm in cold seasons, and allow fresh air to come into when it is hot outside. The inside is made from 100% soft lambskin. So the child will feel very pleasant during all year around. A special cork is placed under the sole – this is one of the brand’s features, as the manufacturers assure that such sole with the combination with a solid backdrop support a right position of feet. The Italian brand produces trendy footwear that differs from other lines; you can fins stylish moccasins, ballet shoes, suede boots and delicate sandals of different designs. Galluci has invented a new way of making flexible shoes – ballerinas technique – that makes the items softer on feet. Goodyear is another technique that is used in Galluci. The manufacturers believe that not only adults’ shoes can be produced in such way, but also the ones for children. It is worth saying that the designers work attentively on the color spectrum. Young boys can enjoy a variety of blue, green and beige shades. But girls care offered bright color combinations that make the shoes match the whole outfit. One of the most preferable shades among young customers is a purple metallic. The same color of shoes had Ellie from “The Wizard of Oz”. Today young moms and dads rely on this brand and know that their child will have not only practical footwear, but a remarkable one. A pair of bright sandals with perfectly goes with a nice summer dress. Moccasins or boots will create a fancy casual style. The company works on spreading its products abroad on order to satisfy the demands of parents and children in other countries. The customers from United States, Asia and Australia use the possibility of online purchasing. It is very convenient to make and online order and get the delivery to your home. Be the next to buy a pair of stylish shoes by Galluci for your child online.

Ferrari children clothes

Ferrari children clothes

Men and young boys are all fond of sports; they watch football games, go to tennis courts, adore swimming and of course they all love driving cars. Since childhood boys and teens get acquainted with different car brands. They usually have a favorite one that they dream to have in future. They can be comfortable, big or small, sportive, bright colored or white – but all of them have the same things in common. All cars have speed. And men adore it. You must have heard about one of the most brilliant car brands – Ferrari. It is an Italian line that is focused on providing men with a vehicle that combines drive, speed, elegancy and luxury. If you feel it is your way of life; if you are brave enough to run this car, so be proud of yourself – this is your best choice. In order to make fans of Ferrari to be closer with the brand, the directors have decided to establish a clothing line that would both boys and men feel the real atmosphere while driving on roads. Ferrari has two main lines: the first one is Fan. This collection introduce you the world of car racing of Formula 1. The clothes are of sportive style where a red color prevails. The second line is called Lifestyle. This one is devoted for car lovers. Lifestyle collection differs in elegant and classic design of items. Refinement is the right word to describe it. The shops of Ferrari are made not only for buying its clothing, but to make customers to enter the world of cars and racing. Is your child brave and courage enough to cope with high speed? Does he like the road? If yes, so Ferrari brand is for him. Formula 1 is the world known racing that people all over the world watch. Many young boys follow the project and also dream about making a round with a sportive car. For now it is a nice ambition, but the first step will be to have a cool outfit by Ferrari. Stylish T-shirts, dungarees, zip-up tops, bright trousers have a unique design that is going to be adored by your kid. The logo of the brand – a black horse – is placed on the front of clothes. All items are made from best Italian fabrics of high quality. Be sure that your boy will feel comfort after playing sportive games or doing any other outdoor activity. A fancy accessory collection is also offered to boys. They are free to have a knitted hat or a good looking scarf for winter season; summer collection is represented by cool caps of bright red color. A new useful accessory comes now – look at the new design of umbrellas that come in two colors: black and red. What a nice addition in one’s wardrobe. Ferrari is the brand that is popular in all countries of Europe, the United States and Asia. There is no any male who is not conscious about its originality. For this reason an online purchasing of Ferrari clothing is available.

Fendi children wear

Fendi children wearThe Italian clothing market is known to be one of the most luxurious one. The famous brand Fendi is a proof of it. Today it is considered to be the most wanted and prestige line of clothing for women, men and children as well. Its history stars in 1925 when a couple – Edoardo and Adele Fendi – decided to open a small factory and shoo where they sold leather clothing. Edorado and Edele couldn’t imagine who their small business will grow up. The secret of their popularity was in using high quality fabrics only. Each cloth was made very attentively and with great professionalism. Of course, the audience should have liked it a lot. With time, as the deal was succeeding, the couple decided to make also clothing from fur. And it was the right thing to do. Now all Italian stylish women were fans of the new brand. Each one adored visiting this small shop in Rome and getting from there with luxurious and unique clothes. But as the World War began the brand wasn’t already demanded, as before. But thanks the help of Fendi’s five daughters, it could gain the adoration of women again. And after the war Karl Lagerfeld was invited to be the main designer of Fendi. He gave the brand its basis. As each famous line, Fendi also needed to have a logo. Karl advised to make a double letter “F” – it is believed to symbolize the married couple – Edorado and Edele. Karl Lagerfeld continues to be the designer since today. At the beginning, the brand was focused only on making remarkable clothing for women. But with time, as the line was gaining its success among Italian people, a men collection appeared too. Nowadays, Fendi creates fantastic children clothing, interesting accessories and practical items. Young mothers tend to dress their kids in Fendi clothes, as they are made from natural fabrics and are safe for the health for newborns. It is very nice that it is possible to choose items both for baby boy and girls. A special collection of stylish clothing for teens is already known not only in Italy, but all over the world. Those children who follow the last trends for sure choose fendi to be the main brand. Practicality is combined with brightness and uniqueness. Each kid is able to find his favorite style in Fendi. If you prefer casual look, have a pair of denim trousers and a nice 100% soft cotton T-shirt. Girls will for sure like wonderful summer dresses, made from light silk or chiffon. In order to make one’s appearance completed the designer offer a big collection of remarkable accessories: leather belts, brisk sunglasses, elegant hair bands and clips; warm hats and knitted scarves perfectly suit to winter time. Would you like to have an item by Fendi? Do you want your child look stylish? Choose fendi for this. The possibility of purchasing the clothing of the most demanded Italian brand online is available for everyone.

Falke kids wear


Clothes customers always pay attention to quality of products that they buy. It is very important for them to be provided with clothing that will serve for long time. Moreover, parents choose natural fabrics only for their children, as synthetic and artificial materials can cause harm to their health. But besides clothes, both adults and kids ask for hosiery. It is essential clothing that cannot be ignored. Falke – a German brand that started its existence already in 1895 still is very popular nowadays. Franz Falke – Rohena was the one to establish the line, but soon it has become a family business that now is managed by Franz Peter and Paul Faulk that make up the fourth generation. The factory of Falke was supplied with modern sewing machines that allowed creating high quality products. In the middle of 20 century the brand already was exporting its items to other countries in the world. During the next centuries the company was focused on extending its popularity within and out Germany. Today you can fins Falke stores in the United States, most fashionable cities in Europe: Paris, Milan, Madrid and others. The next step of Falke development was to use caprone fabric that was very practical; now the tights were prevented from getting torn, besides, the material kept the legs worm in winter time. the innovation was approved by customers. You may be sure about the high quality that the German brand guaranteed to all buyers. Tough the line stays for long time in the wear market; it hasn’t lost its uniqueness. The main reason is the winning combination of comfort and practicality. Modern parents rely of Falke and know that their children will be pleased by its clothes. The line is mostly focused on making its items for kids aged up to 16 years. Look at the last collection, where various designs of leggings, tights and socks are presented. We are sure the your boy or girl will find the favorite color and embroidery. The creative minds of the brand work especially on creating interesting prints and patterns that will be adored by young generation. Funny animals, lovely butterflies, cartoon characters and stripes prevail. Cotton socks are best for warm time, while angora and wool tights make the child feel warm in winter. The German brand also offers a wide diversity of soft sleepers – they will make the stepping very nice. Most of customers line the sleeper cat pads non-slip socks. They agree that they are very good choice for a child, as it prevents him from slipping. A new line – ERGONOMIC SPORT SYSTEM – is created for those children who like sports activities. Special thermal underwear if produced for snowboarding, skiing, rolling, skating, playing tennis and golf. The company is rewarded by a state prize for providing buyers with best quality knitted clothes and hosiery. So don’t hesitate and choose Falke clothes for your child. You are already able to purchase Falke products in the Internet, having made an online order in web-site.


Elodie details

Elodie details

Toddlers and infants require a lot of attention, especially the fact of dressing them, as it is very important to make their first days of life in the best way. Before the birth of a baby parents usually tend to buy all necessary clothes and accessories. They choose shorties, baby grows, baby nests and strollers. They get prepared beforehand and pay attention to each detail. It is important for them to buy lovely pieces of clothes o make the kid look amazing. The accessories play a considerable role as well. Elodie details is the place where modem moms and dads prefer get ready for the birth of a kid. This brand has already gained the admiration of millions all over the world. The possibility of purchasing the items in the Internet makes the task very convenient and easy. It doesn’t take much time to choose the favorite things and made an online order. When having a look on items at Elodie details, don’t come across the stylish buggy Stockholm Stroller. It can be inclined down if the baby is sleeping; also there is a special large paparazzi hood. The new collection represents five colors of the trendy stroller: black, white, retro revolution and apple of my eye and rockability dot model. This accessory is a winning choice, as it comes with a rain covering and a big shopping bag; there you can put all necessary stuff for the baby. Besides, a big variety of cool changing bags is also very popular. The bags have a long stripe that makes the carrying comfortable; moreover, most of items come with a changing mat, so it is a big advantage for sure. The professional and creative designers of Elodie details produce their products in colors that will suit both girls and boys: envelopes, baby nests, shorties and other pieces come in pale blue, pink, ivory and white colors. Many of clothing are embroidered with puffed cuffs, lace edges, smart collars and silky bows. The clothes are very convenient for putting on and taking off thanks poppers that are placed on shoulders and between legs. Another collection of Elodie details consists of colorful dummies, non-spill sipping cups of different shape and feeding bottles. The items are made due to European standards EN-1400, so you don’t have to worry about their quality and safety for your baby. You may look for some interesting and practical gifts for a newborn at Elodie details as well. The brand has a nice variety of cool baby bibs for toddlers. They come in sets of two or three pieces with different brisk and funny prints on them. Each kid will be happy to get a soft toy for his birthday, so choose these bear or rabbit to satisfy him. Elodie details tries to make its best to make the life of children vivid, active and bright. Make your baby smile and feel comfort with the stylish clothes and useful accessories by Elodie details. Purchase any item online without any difficulty.