Agnes B. (the B stands for Bourgois, from her first marriage) is a French designer of clothing. In 1975 she established her first Agnes B. boutique in Paris. Today she has more than one hundred shops throughout the world.
“I have no desire to dress an elite,” Agnes B. highlights in one of her interviews. “It’s all a game. I work as if I were still in my grandmother’s attic, dressing up. Clothes aren’t everything. When they become too important, when they hide the person wearing them, then I don’t like them. Clothes should make you feel happy, relaxed, and ready to tackle other problems.” Agnes Clothing can be easily adapted to every personality and can be worn for a very long time. She creates collections for men and women. But kids aren’t left out: comfortable clothes that echo the adult collections and are available in sizes from newborn to adolescent. Her creations have simplicity which makes the charm of the Agnes B kids collection: a variety of black and white, graphic and minimalist, enhanced with touches of vibrant colours, zips and bold buttons.
Buy Agnes B. children clothes online now and they will quickly become the favorites of your kid’s wardrobe!

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Agatha Ruiz La Prada is a popular shoes brand well-known in different countries. The company was based in Spain but fast the company expanded its business internationally. Today, Agatha Ruiz La Prada manufactures shoes for kids from first days of their life till the adolescence. The company offers products of the high quality which customers can purchase in conventional retail stores and online. Agatha Ruiz La Prada offers exclusive shoes for kids which are very comfortable and created of natural materials. The company manufactures shoes of natural materials to ensure the safety of shoes of the company for the health of kids. Agatha Ruiz La Prada offers shoes for kids for all season. They can wear Agatha Ruiz La Prada’s shoes anytime and anywhere they like. Agatha Ruiz La Prada can offer products of the high quality and parents can make a gift for their children, which they will definitely enjoy. Agatha Ruiz La Prada is a fashionable brand which manufactures shoes for kids which are not only convenient and comfortable but also fashionable and trendy. Buyers can enjoy Agatha Ruiz La Prada’s shoes for kids of the excellent quality sold at attractive price. Today, the company keeps growing.


The kids clothing brand Adri is based on the creation of organic underwear and pajamas for girls and boys. The history of Adri’s foundation begins from the story about one little girl Adrienne who loved to draw too much. And one day she decided to decorate her panties with a funny picture. She got a clue that wearing panties without any pattern is very boring. But the funny face disappeared after washing. And here Adrienes’ elder sisters come to help her. Camille and Emman created the whole line of kids underwear. Young designers switched their fantasy and create, create, create! Funny images grew interested in little customers and their parents. Colorful pictures teach kids to take care of themselves and save the nature.
The line of Adri kids clothing is made of 100% organic cotton and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. The prints are free of any heavy metals or other harmful substances, according to European standards.
Buy Adri kids clothing online now and in the afternoon you will see your kid sleeping sweet in his/her natural and cozy pajamas and during the day feeling comfortable in extremely soft underwear of the best quality.


ACNE TUSS is a team collection of two Swedish brands Acne and Tuss.

The fashion brand Acne is the worldwide Stockholm trademark of clothing. It was founded in 1996. Initially the brand was based on making jeans only. Today they produce a large range of clothing for men, women and kidds. Acne’s founder, the famous designer Jonny Johansson is well-known for his experimental attitude to work process. He’s got a fresh look at the modern fashion.

Tuss was also founded in Stockholm and it is based on designing clothes for children from 0 to 12 years. Tuss kids clothing is made of the best quality materials and it is minimalistic in color. Tuss’s concept is “less is more”. Jonny Johansson is a regular customer in Tuss shops. His liking for minimalistic design of these soft, high-quality items was a push to collaboration. Each brand put his best into the collection: Acne’s cool jeans and Tuss’s soft and simple T-shirts.

You and your little one have different opinions what to wear? You would like to see him in simplistic and functional clothes but your kid prefers stylish ones? The issue is settled! Choose and buy ACNE TUSS kid’s clothing online now and you both will be pleased with this simple and very stylish items.


The fashion brandAcne (Ambition to Create Novel Expressions) was founded in 1996 in Stockholm by Jonny Johansson. He started out by making jeans, today they produce clothing for men, women and kids. Acne clothing is architectural, modern, and straight-lined. The Swedish label is well-known as an experimentalist in the sphere of mode. One day Jonny Johansson took an interesting idea from his customers. They bought clothing for themselves and said, “How it will be wonderful to get something like it for our lovely kid!” Soon the first Acne kids collection appeared. Here you can find adapted best-sellers of the adult collection for kids. Today a huge number of children, their moms and dads are in love with these practical and stylish outfits.
Your boy will be fascinating in the mini-version of adult jeans with its cool cut and with great pleasure your girl will receive a gift in a form of mini version of her mother’s jacket. The greatest desire of any child is to look like his or her parents, to act like them to wear the same cloth. Give such a chance to your little one. Buy Acne kids clothing online now and your kiddy will become a happy owner of luxury items!

Aden & Anais kidswear

Aden & Anais kidswearAden and Anais is a fast growing manufacturer of baby accessories. The company is based in Australia but, today, the company operates internationally. Aden&Anais focuses on the further market expansion offering diverse products. Aden & Anais is a leading manufacturer of swaddling, breastfeeding, burping, comfort and changing accessories. The company operates in Australian, the UK, the EU, and the US markets mainly. Aden & Anais offers accessories for babies and their mothers providing them with the high quality of products at affordable price. Aden & Anais is a renowned brand that can offer products of the high quality. Aden & Anais offers products of the excellent quality and customers can buy Aden & Anais accessories for swaddling, breastfeeding, burping, comfort and changing. Online purchases are very convenient and reliable. The company guarantees the in time delivery of its products to customers. Aden & Anais swaddling, breastfeeding, burping, comfort and changing accessories are made of 100% cotton that guarantees the safety of the accessories and the high level of comfort for babies and their parents. The customer satisfaction is the primary concern of Aden and Anais. Customers can choose any product manufactured by Aden and Anais and buy it from the company directly.

Monnalisa Kids Wear

Monnalisa Kids Wear
Monnalisa Kids Wear


Monnalisa is one of the leading European fashionable brands designing and manufacturing children clothing. Monnalisa was established in Italy but today the company operates internationally. The company was founded in 1968 by Piero Iacomoni and Barbara Bertocci, who designed children clothing for the company. The corporate philosophy of Monnaliza focuses on the innovation, attractiveness and stylishness of children clothing designed by the company. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that the company attempts to design children clothing that mirrors the Italian style and lifestyle. The Italian roots can be traced easily in children clothing manufactured by the company. Nevertheless, today, the company slips to the universal, multinational trends because the company operates internationally and has to meet needs and expectations of customers from different countries and cultures. Nevertheless, Monnalisa preserves its style and stays loyal to its traditions. The aggressive international market expansion conducted by the company opened larger opportunities for Monnalisa to promote and to sell children clothing in many countries of the world. Today, the company operates worldwide, from Italy and Europe to North America, China and other Asian countries, Russia, and other countries in different parts of the world. Customers can buy Monnalisa children clothing online.

Burberry Kidswear

Burberry Kidswear
Burberry Kidswear

Burberry is a renowned brand in the fashion world. The company has gained the public approval due to its fashionable clothing and accessories for adults, while later the company has introduced a special line of its products for kids. Burberry is the US-based company but Burberry conducts its operations internationally. At first, Burberry started as the US-based company and the US was the target market. However, soon the company has taken the leading position in the US and started its international market expansion. Today, Burberry’s clothing for kids are sold worldwide. Customers can buy Burberry’s clothing and accessory for kids online or via stores, which location they may identify using the official website of the company. In fact, Burberry has implemented information technologies successfully to maintain the close communication with its customers. Today, customers can get as much information about Burberry as they like right from their home, job or any other place where they have access to internet.
As for products manufactured by Burberry, the company offers a variety of kids clothing from first days of their life. Burberry manufactures clothing for girls and boys and each item is exclusive and labeled Burberry to prove the high quality of the product.


Paul Smith Junior Wear
Paul Smith Junior Wear

Paul Smith Junior is a sub-brand of a reputable and population fashion company, Paul Smith. Paul Smith Junior focuses on designing and manufacturing clothing for children only. Paul Smith Junior is based in the UK, although just like Paul Smith, the sub-brand operates internationally too. In fact, Paul Smith Junior benefited from the popularity of Paul Smith brand, which helped the company to enter new markets fast. As a result, the company has started to operate internationally virtually from the foundation of the sub-brand.
In actuality, the company offers a variety of products for children, which include not only kids clothing but also shoes and accessories, including bags and others. The diversity of the production line of Paul Smith Junior is determined by several factors. First, the company attempts to meet the growing demand on the high quality, branded clothing, shoes and accessories. Many consumers want to buy clothing and shoes for their kids from one and the same brand. Second, the company attempts to expand its customer group since, if some customers fail to buy Paul Smith Junior kids clothing, they may buy the company’s kids shoes or vice versa. Today, consumers can buy Paul Smith Junior products online.



Dear parents! Welcome to PETIT BATEAU ENFANT! This brand is dedicated to your small children who like to stand out. Its creators care about kids’ desires, emotions and feelings. One of the designers is a young mom, so she knows what exactly children need.
The name of this label is taken from a pretty song and represents the philosophy of this French brand. It is based on the combination of classical motifs, modern style and authentic cut. Let your enfant dive in this extraordinary world of soft clouds and he or she will give a sincere smile. BUY PETIT BATEAU ENFANT and you will understand that the tremendous range of its unique collections represents not only the indicator of success, but also that all designers take into account the most secret desires and wishes of the little adults. The main advantage of this label is that it is ideal for both boys and girls. There boys will find lots of different jumpers, elegant cardigans and loose pants. Girls will be pleasantly surprised with the choice of pretty dresses, graceful skirts, loose blouses and soft cardigans. Moreover, to make them happier, creators designed the line of gorgeous accessories decorated with modern prints.



Petit Bateau Bebe is a well-known brand dedicated to those parents who think that a good mood of their child is the most desirable reality. This label started its fairy story in Twenties and rapidly reached its apogee. Its collections present the combination of the classical style, modern motifs and irreproachable cut. BUY PETIT BATEAU BeBe online and you will certainly make your small infant smile at the world. The tremendous range of different garments delights people again and again. For a cold weather, you can buy cool winter jackets, stunning cardigans, and warm jumpers. For summer, there are loose T-shirts, feminine blouses and pretty pants. The creators of this unique label think that at night baby is the most vulnerable, that is why they designed a collection of night clothing. Among them there are nice pajamas, soft leggings, sleeping bags and even a bath towel with a hood.
Besides,if you BUY PETIT BATEAU BeBe, you will notice that the palette of different colors bewitches every kid. There are all tones of calm pink, navy blue, snow-white, chic grey, red and brown. Give the opportunity to your babies to choose this clothing according to their taste. Moreover, your small flowers will be delighted when they see the collection of gorgeous accessories. They can find bright socks, soft baby’s bibs, retro changing pad, and even small hats.




Petit Bateau is one of the oldest fashion designer brand manufacturing clothing for kids. The company was founded in France in 1893. In the course of its history, the company has made a tremendous progress from a small manufacturer of children clothing to a reputable and popular brand operating worldwide. The company always focused on designing and manufacturing clothing for kids. Today, Petit Bateau is a reputable company that manufactures clothing and accessories for children from first days of life. In this regard, the company pays a particular attention to babies and toddlers as the main target customer group, although Petit Bateau offers children clothing and accessories for kids till their teens. The company uses natural materials only and designs new products taking into consideration needs of their small clients. At the same time, accessories designed by Petit Bateau are also useful for parents, who use them to care about their babies. In actuality, Petit Bateau keeps growing and opens new outlets throughout Europe and overseas. The EU is the main market for the company along with the US and Canadian markets. Nevertheless, the company is still looking for options to expand their market, while consumers can buy Petit Bateau’s products online.


Mayoral Kidswear

Mayoral Kidswear

Mayoral is the manufacturer of children clothing with extensive experience and long history. The company was established in Spain over seventy years ago. In 2011 the company celebrated its 70th anniversary. Mayoral started as the modest company manufacturing socks and shoes but, in the course of time, the company has evolved into a large manufacturer of children clothing and shoes as well as accessories. Remarkably the company now offers products for children from first days of life. In such a way, customers can buy Mayoral products after the birth of their children. Moreover, today, the company operates internationally. As the company grew larger, Mayoral expanded its markets and entered European market first and now the company operates in many countries of the world being a reputable and reliable brand.
As the company started the production of products for children, the new sub-brand was created – Mayoral Moda Infantil. The new sub-brand focused on babies clothing, accessories and shoes. In actuality, the company is capable to offer all types of items, which they may need. The diversity of products and their high quality became distinct feature of Mayoral children clothing, shoes and accessories. Today, customers can buy Mayoral products for children online.

Ralph Lauren Kids Wear

Ralph Lauren Kids Wear
Ralph Lauren Kids Wear

Ralph Lauren is the UK based fashion designer clothing brand manufacturing clothing for kids. In fact, the company started as the fashionable brand for adults but steadily the company expanded its production lines and started designing clothing for kids. As Ralph Lauren grew and expanded their business, the UK market turned out to be too small for the company and they decided to expand business internationally. In this regard, the promotion and success of Ralph Lauren’s children clothing was closely intertwined with the popularity of the adult clothing brand. The company did not distinguish the brand for adults and children, as many companies do, and this decision has proved to be right. At any rate, Ralph Lauren kids clothing became very popular soon after the foundation of the company. Today, Ralph Lauren manufactures clothing for kids of different age and for different occasions. Basically, the company manufactures stylish casual clothing for children. The products of the company are diverse since Ralph Lauren creates clothing for all seasons. In actuality, the company has outlets and stores in many countries of the world. Consumers can buy children clothing from those stores or, alternatively, they can buy the clothing online from Ralph Lauren.

Absorba Baby Wear

Absorba babywear

Absorba is a renowned kids clothing manufacturer based in France. The company was founded in the mid-20th century in France but steadily expanded its operations. In actuality, the company is a renowned manufactured of European kids clothing. However, the company operates not only in the EU but also other countries of the world. Absorba manufactures clothing for kids which is renowned for its exquisite details, beautiful embroideries, superlative fabrics, and up to the minute fashion, all designed to take babies and kids from cradle to kindergarten in timeless fashion.
Absorba kids and babies clothing is extremely popular in many countries due to the high quality and great, fashionable design. Absorba has a long history and offers its products to its customers in Europe and worldwide. The company operates for over 60 years and Absorba kids and babies clothes were always of the perfect quality. Absorba was always concerned with its customers and their satisfaction. Absorba focuses on the high quality, comfort, functionality, and modernity of babies and kids clothing and accessories. Customers can buy Absorba kids and babies clothing and enjoy its high quality, comfort, functionality and modernity. Moreover, Absorba kids and babies clothing focuses on modern fashion and design of clothing that helps children to feel comfortable in Absorba kids and babies clothing.

Abella Kidswear

A young mother of the twin girls DeAnn Guidry spent a lot of time looking for elegant clothes, searching the best designers to create unique fashionable dresses for her pretty daughters. But one day she said, “Nobody knows better than me what my babies need”. She found Boutique of her own and made millions of moms happy. The still unknown designer put the names of her twins Abigail and Isabelle together and named the brand “Abella”. Today Abella kid’s clothes is a trade mark with a world name. This brand gets stronger and stronger every season. It is not surprising. Abella kids clothes’ accents are on the best quality, classic beauty and comfort. All items of the collection are made of natural materials and with a great love to children.
You are a happy mother of a beauty? You are looking for classic style in baby clothing which will suit your baby magnificent? You are here! Satin ribbons, 3D organza flowers, embroidered rosebuds are all what a real lady needs. Buy Abella kid’s clothes online now and after just a short time your little sweet appeared in front of you as a lovely princess. It’s the right choice!

A.P.C. Enfant Kidswear

“Translating the A.P.C. range into a children’s line seemed natural” highlights Judith Touitou, the artistic director of the brand and launched a children’s capsule collaboration collection with Little Fashion Gallery. In this collection you can find children clothes for ages 2 to 12 years. All items are carried out of the natural materials. Your little sweet will feel comfortable and confident in his/her new clothes.
Sometimes we forget that our kids are personalities, they want to be up-to-date among their friends and they need self-expression. Make your child a present in a form of stylish light denim shorts or a fashionable T-shirt with a parrot-print and you will see you made the right choice.
Shopping A.P.C. Enfant children clothes online will save a lot of time and you will be able to spend it to communicate with your family. Buy A.P.C. enfant children clothes now and these perfectly cut, beautiful and timeless items will make you glad because of its naturalness and usability. And A.P.C. Enfant trendy design will give the joy to your kiddy.

A.P.C. Kidswear

We are proud to introduce you to the famous French brand A.P.C. The brand was founded in 1987 by Jean Touitou. A.P.C. (“Atelier de Production et de Creation”) is translated from French as “Atelier of Production and Creation”. During all the time the famous designer creates his collections with a strong belief that clothes should not overshadow the personality of the wearer. So the A.P.C. style has simplicity and it’s incredibly natural; the cuts of the clothes are perfect and the fabrics are of an excellent quality.
Jean Touitou was born in 1951 in Tunis. At will of a case he got his first job at Kenzo after he was graduated from the Sorbonne University in Paris. Soon he followed the propositions of work with well-known designers such as Agn?s b. and Iri?. In 1987 Jean Touitou decided to found the brand of his own, which is nowadays the one of the most popular in the world. As a former revolutionary he defends the aesthetic of the minimalist design in his creations. The A.P.C. clothes are clean lined and simply patterned; colours and tissues are under authentic French style.
At first the brand was for individual orders. But business went successfully and today the A.P.C. shops are situated in England, France, German, the United States and in another 25 countries. In Ukraine you can buy the A.P.C. clothes online. It will save a lot of your time and simplify your choice as every item is demonstrated visually. When you buy clothes of the world-wide A.P.C. brand you purchase not only fashioned but stylish, comfortable and high-quality clothes. As style, comfort and quality are the three pillars on which the brand of Jean Touitou rests.

A For Apple Kids Clothing

A For Apple is a brand destined for children. A For Apple was founded by Denise Ho, a Hong Kong based celebrity and editorial fashion stylist, who became the creative director of A For Apple, and Jeffrey Chau, the business director for A For Apple, who is currently engaged in the family garment business. The company is based in the USA but currently A For Apple operates internationally. The company operates in the US, Canada, the EU and other countries of the world.
Customers can choose children clothes and buy from A For Apple at the price that matches their financial position. A For Apple offers exclusive clothes for children. The exclusiveness of children clothes offered by A For Apple is the unique feature of the brand that makes A For Apple’s clothes distinct from those of its major rivals. Therefore, children wearing A For Apple’s clothes will be stylish and original. Parents can buy children clothes from A For Apple as gifts for their children. Buying children clothes from A For Apple online is very convenient, while the company provides customers with the reliable shipping and full customer satisfaction. Today, A For Appple is a popular and respectable brand.

FRANKA Baby Clothes

Franka is a Swedish brand that makes marvelous vintage looking clothing for newborns. This Swedish brand launched its successful project in 2006. Earlier Franka used to be engaged in producing items for famous brands like H and M, Filippa K. That’s why it wasn’t any surprise that soon Franka would create its own production.
Fanny Sundgren, a talented designer of brand, offers you functional high-quality wardrobe. When you are dressed in beautiful Franka clothes, you transfer into 50’s. These time changes are caused by special characteristic elements of that period that are reflected in Franka pieces. These elements are dots, marine style, velvet trimmings.

Franka apparel is classic in washed out pale colours. Franka collection looks mischievous and playful. What else does your child need? Buy Franka clothing and feel comfortable and cozy.
Franka ‘s focus on clothing for newborns imposes more delicate consideration for materials. They are resistant and can stand the movements of most impatient small customers. Dress your little child in Franka style and don’t concern about wearability.
Besides, Franka childrenclothing is fairy. The range of proposed garments astonishes. Franka sells trousers, leggings, jerseys and knitted wear. Franka collection is for kids of today with a fashion feeling of yesterday.