PaesagginoPaesaggino is one of the new fashion designer brands manufacturing clothing for children. The company was founded just several years ago and comprises a part of the Keyart Group, which is one of the main players in the children clothing market in the EU. Paesaggino was founded in Italy as the brand manufacturing clothing for girls mainly. However, in face of the tight competition, the company decided to join the Keyart Group in 2004. Otherwise, Paesaggino could not afford the tightening competition and the growing pressure from the part of larger companies and more popular brands. Keyart Group, which Paesaggino is a part, plays a significant role in the international markets due to the modern marketing policies implemented by its young management staff. The vision of the Keyart Group coincides with that of Paesaggino and implies the enhancement of products made in Italy and the compliance of its production process with human and environmental values. In such a way, Paesaggino takes the responsibility for the environment, social programs and the quality of children clothing they manufacture. Due to the support of the Keyart Group, Paesaggino expanded its business internationally fast and successfully. Today, consumers can buy children clothing from Paesaggino online.

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