Looking for chic, cozy and 100% eco-friendly clothes for your kids? Look no further, because here is the answer for those who have asked themselves such an important issue- OSCAR & VALENTINE.
Generally speaking, people and kids adore OSCAR & VALENTINE clothing because it is 100% cashmere and it features the lovely delightful colors, and what’s more, its designers claim that the best quality cashmere and strong colors are the Oscar et Valentine’s formula of success and popularity.
It is interesting to mention that OSCAR & VALENTINE’s main designer is a gorgeous young mother, who is really passionate about the world of fashion. That is why, every item of the brand OSCAR & VALENTINE features a gentle, 100% authentic and cute world.
Manufacturing kidswear starting from the newborns to teens, the brand has managed to recreate classics- like infant stretch suit along with a cute cocotte collar, or the famous and beloved Kennedy jacket.
Finally, the main secret of OSCAR and VALENTINE’s success is that people love their delicate designs and bright and cool colors along with the wonderful soft and supple textures.
Buy OSCAR and VALENTINE clothing for your children and both you and they will feel wonderful and chic.

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