Ooh! Concept

Ooh! Concept is the fashion designer brand manufacturing bags and accessories for children. Ooh! Concept is based in France. The company was founded in the late 1990s but has gained the international approval and public acclaim fast. In the course of the 2000s, the company has grown fast and today Ooh! Concept is one of the leaders of the bag industry in the EU and the company carries on growing. In fact, the bag and accessories market in the EU is highly competitive but the Ooh! Concept has managed to find the new approach to consumers and to develop the new marketing strategy suggesting its new concept of bags for parents, which actually are rather bags for their kids than for parents. Ooh! Concept suggested several innovations. First, Ooh! Concept is the abbreviation of On one hand concept that consumers can carry the bags designed by the company on one hand. Second, Ooh! Concept’s bags are destined for parents, who are not willing to abandon their style. Instead, the company allows them to stay stylish and fashionable due to their brand new bags. Ooh! Concept designs bags that are easy to carry and consumers buy them from retailers or online.

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