Old Soles

Old SolesOld Soles is a brand for stylish children who like to be cool, happy and modern and stand out the crowd. This label started its interesting story in January of 2008. Its creator is a famous person Vicki Lever. She launched her first collection under such names as “first steps” and “pre-walker”. These shoes always keep being outstanding and unique. They rapidly became popular, and children want them to wear every day because they are comfortable weather it rains or not.
According to the words of Vicki, small infants and kids inspired her on the realization of the idea of shoes because in one moment she understood that there are no fashionable shoes for small Princes and Princesses.
Take your children to shop and they definitely choose something to their taste. Among the tremendous range of fabrics, there are light ballets, candy shoes, summer sandals, and the others. The palette of colors will suit to any garment your children would like to wear. There are tones of shocking pink, deep blue, silver, chic gold and red. All shoes are made in special style that’s why if your child likes hip-hop she can wear pink easy tread shoes, if she likes running then jumping jogger shoes will be the best. Buy OLD SOLESfootwear online, and let your kid be bright and unique.

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