OililyOilily is an old and reputable brand manufacturing children clothing and accessories. The company was founded in the Netherlands by the couple – Willem and Marieke Olsthoorn. Hence, the company started as the family business, where young and ambitious couple attempted to create the new type of children clothing. In fact, Willem and Marieke Olsthoorn have changed the philosophy of children clothing. When they started their business in 1963, children clothing was absolutely similar to that of adults and it was the size that differed. The founders of Oilily could not stand the thought that children wear boring and colorless clothing. They rejected grey, white and black clothing of adults that was extrapolated on the children fashion. Instead, they suggested the new philosophy of children clothing based on the use of colorful, bright fabrics and original almost fairy tale design of clothing. At the same time, Oilily has managed to preserve the balance between functionality and original design of their clothing. As a result, they created original, bright and attractive clothing that children just adored. The original style and the new approaches to children fashion contributed to the early success of the company. Today, Oilily operates internationally, while consumes can buy their children clothing online.

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