Ocean Rainwear

Ocean Rainwear is a reputable fashion designer clothing brand based in Denmark. The company was founded in 1958 in Herning, Denmark. Therefore, the company is one of the oldest brands in its segment of the apparel market. Ocean Rainwear is the renowned manufacturer of waterproof clothing and waders. Initially, the company started as the manufacturer of waterproof clothing and waders for adults but now the company has opened the production line of waterproof clothing for children of different age. As the company quickly established itself as the market leader, the company has started the further market expansion going internationally. Today, the company operates worldwide, while the EU remains the main market for the company.
The early success of Ocean Rainwear is, to a significant extent, determined by substantial investments of the company into the research and development. Due to the scientific findings and numerous experiments conducted by the company’s R&D department, Ocean Rainwear has managed to take the lead in the industry and design children clothing that is light, waterproof and attractive. The company’s designers work hard to create the children clothing stylish and to meet recent fashion trends. Today, consumers can buy Ocean Rainwear children clothing online.

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