Oca Loca

Oca Loca is one of the leading and fast growing kids shoes designing and manufacturing brand. The company was founded in Spain in 1981 by a team of gifted, young and ambitious designers, who wanted to create original shoes for kids, which could meet their needs and expectations. Oca Loca started as a small business in Spain but the distinct feature of the company was the focus on recent fashion trends, which they incorporated into the design of kids shoes created by the company. In fact, the company has preserved this attention to recent trends in the fashion industry as well as another trend, the trend to creativity and originality. Since the foundation, Oca Loca has never been afraid of experiments, which though led to quite controversial effects. On the one hand, originality of Oca Loca style and creativity discouraged conservative consumers from buying kids shoes from the company. On the other hand, the younger generation of consumers just adored Oca Loca kids shoes. As a result, in the course of couple of decades, the company has become one of the leading fashion designers of kids clothing in the EU. Today, the company operates internationally while their kids shoes are available online.

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