In this globe that is already full of so many useless items, Finnish designer Meri Von Renteln made a decision to develop the conceptual label of kids’ furniture, which is concentrated on the standard of living philosophy: consume less and purchase nice quality goods. That is how the brand Nonjetable was established. The Nonjetable furniture is practical, functional and really ecological it is mere and timeless and will blend in with all kinds of the interior designs. Created from the finest quality natural stuff, the Nonjetable furniture is modular and may perform together in dissimilar manners to optimize space in the children’s room. It is extremely progressive, too. Nonjetable, quite merely, is the design that is necessary.
NONJETABLE was established in 2006 by Meri von Renteln, the famous designer and also interior architect from Finland. The label Nonjetable reflects own vision to develop the helpful objects in a globe submerged with the useless products.
According to Meri, “To have values presupposes you try to save, defend, and commit yourself to things, which matter the most. Evolving the awareness concerning the environment and the quality of the possessions starts at the earliest age. As children are future clients, and they deserve the finest products accessible.”

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