Moulin Roty

Moulin RotyMoulin Roty is a reputable and successful brand designing and manufacturing soft toys for children of different age. The company was established in France and specialized on manufacturing of toys to entertain and to educate children. Today, Moulin Roty manufactures soft toys for children of different age. In fact, toys of the company are destined for children from the early age, when they just start playing with toys to their teens, when toys become less significant in their life. The company pays a lot of attention to the quality of its toys and their safety. In fact, small children have special requirements concerning the safety of toys. In this regard, Moulin Roty toys is the good choice because the company conducts tests of its toys before they go into the production line. Therefore, customers can be certain in the high quality and safety of the company’s toys. Today, Moulin Roty operates internationally and toys of the company are well-known and popular in many countries of the world, although the EU is the main market of the company. In addition, the company develops the international network and cooperates closely with large retailers from which customers can buy its toys.

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