MoschinoMoschono is one of the most popular brands of children clothing. The company is based in Italy and has gained a tremendous success since its foundation in 1983 by Franco Moschino, who was the founder and the first creative director of the company. Moschino was characterized by the original, creative and often eccentric design, although eccentrics could be traced in adult clothing mainly while children clothing was traditionally stylish and original. At the same time, the children clothing line started later compared to the other production lines of the company. Nevertheless, children clothing from Moschino became very popular fast. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that Moschino expanded its business fast, especially in the 1990s and today the company operates internationally. Children clothing was popular among customers loyal to Moschino brand since they preferred to buy clothing for their children that matched their own interests. On the other hand, children clothing designed and manufactured by the company is comfortable and original. The design of Moschino children clothing is original and stresses the traditional features of Moschino clothing. Today, customers can buy children clothing from Moschino upscale stores or online. In such a way, Moschino children clothing is available to customers worldwide.

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