Monnalisa Ny&Lon

Monnalisa Ny&Lon is a reputable brand with a long history. In fact, Monnalisa Ny&Lon is not an independent brand but this is a sub-brand of Monnalisa, the company that was founded in 1968 in Italy by Piero Iacomoni and Barbara Bertocci. The founders of the company desgined children clothing and have reached a tremendous success with their new stylish children clothing in the 1970s. Monnalisa Ny&Lon emerged as the sub-brand that focused entirely on children clothing, while Monnalisa diversified its production and designed and manufactured clothing for both children and adults. Monnalisa Ny&Lon became soon one of the leaders in the children fashion industry because the company conducted research and development to design new clothing which was better than clothing designed by rivals of the company. Monnalisa Ny&Lon paid a lot of attention to innovations, which helped the company to design clothing that was really better in terms of quality, price and durability. As a result, many customers preferred Monnalisa Ny&Lon’s clothing instead of children clothing of the company’s rivals. Moreover, the company operates internationally and carries on the international expansion to take a better position in the market and to deliver its products to customers in virtually any country.

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