Missouri is a renowned brand manufacturing fashionable clothing and toys for kids of different age. The company is based in the US but conducts its operations internationally. Historically, the company focused on the US market. At the beginning, the company designed clothing for kids but later expanded and diversified its production lines. As a result, the company started the production of toys, which though born stylish designer elements that could be also traced in Missouri kids clothing. Often the company referred to classical themes, while creating their toys. For instance, Missouri’s tiger was and still is one of the most successful toys of the company.
As the company grew and gained more and more loyal customers, Missouri has started to consider the possibility of the international market expansion. The late 1990s marked the beginning of the active international market expansion conducted by Missouri. The company focused on North American market above all, especially Canada. At the same time, the company developed its business in the EU as well. Today, the company operates internationally and Missouri kids clothing and toys are very popular in many countries of the world. Moreover, today, Missouri kids clothing and toys are available for customers online.

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