Minutus kids wear


The birth of a child is always a very exciting day; young moms and dads do their best in order to keep him in safety and comfort. Parents try to provide him love and comfort, especially during the first time, as he is predisposed to get surrounding irritants. So it is very important to choose high quality clothes that would never evoke allergies and other skin problems. All these features are followed and guaranteed by Minutus. The clothes brand was launched in Spain in 1995 by Joan Vives and Nuria Bass. He is an artist, and Nuria is a professional in wear industry and worked for long time with different garments. The founders made afford and decided to make the life of newborns safe and pleasant. Though the line is a new one in the fashion market, but already modern parents rely on it very much. It has gained an admiration thanks a unique technique of tailoring. Muria who is an expert in fabricating, suggested a new way of making clothes from eco friendly materials. These fabrics are good for a delicate skin of a baby, as they maintain heat and allow fresh air flow to get the skin. It is a good advantage, because in hot days the baby will feel himself cool and nice. The designers of Minutus are sure that the choice of colors is also very important; they offer a spectrum of pale shades: blue, pink, ivory and yellow that fit both baby boys and girls. A design of clothes expresses the beauty of a child and emphasizes on his individuality that begins developing in early age. The Spanish traditional fashionable taste is combined with worldwide demands of customers, as the line is focused on exporting its products to other countries in Europe, the United States and Asia as well. For this reason the designers work and follow the world’s trends in fashion. Each cloth is made with professional approach: you can see high quality work that makes the items look original and remarkable. Cute rompers and baby grows for girls come with flower embroidery and delicate lace around the neck. Baby boys are offered shorties with funny prints of animals and monsters on the front. All items are provided with convenient poppers that serve foe fast nappies changing. A wide collection of accessories may interest young moms. There are comfortable changing bags and mats that can be carried for a walk with a child. Diapers for babies can be found besides clothing. Minutus is known for a big variety of baby items. The stores of Minutus are placed in many European fashionable cities. Before the birth of a child a lot of young couples already purchase baby nests and envelopes for their kids. Each collection is varied and every season there are more impressive incomes that are created especially for comfort life of a baby. Today there is no necessity of going to the shop itself, it is better for you to purchase any item by Minutus online.


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