Inspired by the old school globe of the fifties and sixties, Miniséri is the initial label to refurbish old-fashioned school bag fastened by the well-known “Tuck” clasps. Miniséri bags have obtained the international fame by recreating the timeless fashion accessory that has become its label icon and drew the inspiration from the core of many people’s early days memories.
The Miniséri satchel quickly appeared in some sizes and demonstrated the innovation by adopting existing fashion tendencies and the courageous option of colors and fabrics. All the MINISÉRI bags are in fact short supplied. The school bag may simply be recognized by the characteristic Tuck clasp bearing Miniséri designer mark and is special in that it may be worn over a shoulder or as the mere rucksack thanks to “Strap and go”, an exceptional system created by a label.
Primarily created for kids, the Miniséri school bag has also quickly become the trendy accessory for growen-ups. Therefore, due to the internet today you have the perfect opportunity to buy Miniséri MINISÉRI satchel online. All the patterns bear Tuck clasps as the mark signs. Satchel, tote bags, luggage, computer cases handbags, and tiny leather accessories come in fashionable, chic and extremely stylish variations.

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