Minimink is one of the main manufacturers of faux fur for children. The company was established in Australia and now the company is still based in this country, although its operations have expanded internationally now since the company focused on the international market operations. In such a way the company keeps growing and holds a leading position among faux fur manufacturers in the world. Remarkably, the company has gained a tremendous success within less than a decade since the company was established in 2003. One of the main conditions of the Minimink’s success is the ability of the company to meet customers’ needs. Today, many customers are extremely concerned with the environment protection and survival of extinct species, while the use of fur of animals in the apparel industry leads to the slaughter of many animals and extinction of rare species. In such a way, the use of faux fur contributes to the preservation of environment and salvation of many species, while the quality of faux fur manufactured by Minimink is similar to the fur of animals. Thus, customers prefer to buy faux fur for their children instead of animal fur that contributes to the growing popularity of Minimink.

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