MINI MELISSAMini Melissa is a designer shoes company manufacturing shoes for babies from the first days of life. Mini Melissa is a sub-brand of a larger company manufacturing kids shoes – Melissa. The company was established in Australia, where Mini Melissa gained the public approval and reached the high level of popularity fast. Nevertheless, Mini Melissa did not give up progressing and focused on the international market expansion. At first, Mini Melissa focused on neighboring Asian states and later moved overseas to the US, Canada and the EU, which eventually became the major markets for Mini Melissa along with Australian market.
Mini Melissa designs original shoes for babies starting from pre-walkers and shoes for babies, who have just started to walk. The company maintains the original style of its baby shoes. In this regard, a lovable mary-jane shape of some of its shoes from one of the recent collections features a cute cat motif detailed with whiskers, heart-shaped ears, heart-shaped nose and all. Kids consider them coolest kitten shoes the company has ever made. Such original design naturally contributes to the growing popularity of Mini Melissa brand in the world, while customers can buy Mini Melissa kids shoes from retailers or online.

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