Mimi-Sol is a new but very prospective brand of children clothing. The company was established in 2011 in Italy. The designer and the founder of the company is Imelde Bronzieri, who cooperates closely with her partner and designer fellow, Stefano Cavalleri. The foundation of the company was the result of the long-lasting aspiration of Imelde Bronzieri, who has been working hard for over thirty years. She created original designer clothing for children and, eventually, she decided to launch the company of her own, where she could implement all her daring ideas and innovations which she has brought into design of children clothing.
In spite of the fact that the company was established in 2011, Mimi-Sol has ambitious plans and the company conducts aggressive marketing strategy. The company focuses on the world scale market. The owner of the company is unwilling to limit the scope of operations by Italy or Europe solely. Instead, she wants to expand business fast and uses all her designer experience to create original, comfortable and attractive clothing for children. In this regard, Mimi-Sol has already reached positive results since the company is currently selling its products internationally. Moreover, the company develops its online business that facilitates the global market expansion of Mimi-Sol.

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