Marquise de Laborde

Marquise de Laborde is one of the oldest brands manufacturing bed linens. At the same time, the company has managed to keep progressing throughout its history, in spite of its long history and traditions. The company was founded in Franc by Mandy Karlann. Marquise de Laborde started as the company manufacturing bed linens mainly but, in the course of time, the company started the production of other linens. In this regard, the production of bed linens and other linens for children became one of the most important branches of the production of the company. Today, the company manufactures luxury bed linens, luxury bath towels and luxury table linens. In this regard, a large part of Marquise de Laborde products are destined to use for children. Bed linen and linen towels are of the superb quality and many parents buy them for their children. Moreover, the company uses luxury fabrics only to manufacture linen for products destined for children. To put it more precisely, the company uses luxury fabrics, such as Egyptian organic cotton, Sea Island cotton, cashmere, silk, and linen. In such a way, the company creates products of the superb quality for children which customers can buy from retailers as well as online.

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